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Bespin-Bakura alliance negotiations

May 21, 2010

Bespin Meeting

The reporters were invited to the negocitation of a treaty between Bespin and Bakura. The agreement was at the Queen Ma’at Nephthys’s initiative and prepared by her advisor Moy Borsuk, which the reporters met already in other circumstances, at Vjun and Alaris Prime.

Bespin, New Tibannopolis: An agreement, initiated by Bakura, between the Queen of Bakura, Ma’at Nephthys, and Bespin Senator, Master Rain was made to enter into a treaty to form an alliance between the two worlds. Also present were repesentatves from the Onderon Jedi Order, who later also proposed to enter into the treaty under the same circumstances for their order. The treaty is expected to be pass after a special senate session and a public signing to be held later on Bakura, followed by a large ceremony.