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Possible Treaties with Kashyyyk

June 5, 2010

While on Alaris Prime covering another news story concerning recent attacks on the moon, Daana and Rakiko met up with Spetbecca,  Spetbecca identified himself as a representative from Kashyyyk, who was seeking to negotiate an alliance treaty, through Queen Ma’at Nephthys and the Wookiee chieftain overseeing operation on Alaris Prime, between Bakura and Kashyyyk.  As luck would have it the pair met up with Spetbecca on Talus and Rakiko translated the Wookiee’s wishes to a Shock Trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), Admiral Star who had close connections with Queen Ma’at Nephthys.

Spetbecca offered his proposal that the Queen meet with the Wookiee Chieftain to discuss the formation of a treaty.  Furthermore, Spetbecca offered that a treaty would also be made with GAR if one had not already existed between the Kashyyyk and the troopers.  Admiral Star agreed to pass the offer to the Queen and would check the status of any treaty between the Wookiees and GAR, assuring Spetbecca that if there was not one he would personally meet with Wookiee Chiefs and enter in one.

Another day, another fight on Alaris Prime.  After viewing the aftermath of another skirmish on the moon, Daana and I met up with Spetbecca, a large towering Wookiee identifying himself as a representative to the Chieftain on Alaris Prime. He told us about his mission to forge an alliance between Kashyyyk and the Bakuran governement through Queen Ma’at Nephthys.

As interested as we were, Spetbecca’s time was short and we weren’t able to speak further on the matter with him at that moment.  Later however as we visited Talus where some of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) injured had been transported we met up with Spetbecca. This time I was asked to translate for the massive Wookiee his terms to Shocktrooper Admiral Star. Spetbecca offered that the Queen meet with the Wookiee Chieftain and also if no treaty existed with GAR that a representative of the said organization would come to Alaris to enter into one.

This seems to be good news for the Grand Army of the Republic, especially upon the heels of them leaving the People’s Galactic Alliance (PGA), which had left GAR’s status on galactic affairs in somewhat of a limbo.  With a possible treaty with  Kashyyyk, GAR’s position will be bolstered and their purpose as defenders not only of Bakura but also as intergalactic protectors and allies. We’ll be following GAR’s status closely and cover any other possible treaties they may enter to.

— Rakiko