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Assassination attempt against the Queen of Bakura

July 22, 2010

Ma'at Nephthys and serveral troopers

The reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited Bakura to collect the news, they ere surprised to see the cantina replaced by a booth, then they learned about the attack.

Bakura, Crash Cantina: A bomb attack occurred at the Bakura cantina, almost destroying the building. The target would have certainly been Ma’at Nephthys, the queen of Bakura who was present. The explosion fortunately missed killing her or made any victims, but shortly after, when they were trying to put out the fire, a droid charged the Queen.

The attacker was finally taken down by a squad of marines, led by the Lieutenant Abrams, who  arrived on the place and encircled it, and preventing further damage to be done. Currently the queen Ma’at Nephtys doesn’t suffer any visible wounds from this event.

Nobody for the moment claimed responsibility for this attack. If the cantina was already devastated in the past, this was clearly a prepared attack, according the authorities. The explosives used were likely military grade and the cantina flamed too fast. Also it was triggered at the passage of the Queen.

The Crash Cantina, Bakura

The investigation continues, and, if no name was given, they suspect an external group. Several people rumoured about the Revenant Armada. Contacted, the Admiral Darth Abyssus refused to comment this incident but expressed the enmity of the Tetan Court against Bakura’s. More details will come.  independently of this attack, the Armada is viewed by some officers of the Grand Army as an important threat.

Currently, the trooper patrols stepped up in the area and the town is back in peace. A booth is placed in front of the door of the former cantina where the barkeeper Druuna serve drinks under the name of “The Crash Cantina”.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

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