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The Historic Moon of Endor

August 20, 2010

An AT-AT on the Forest Moon

As a continued service to the viewers, Daana and Rakiko travelled to worlds that didn’t get a lot of new coverage. On this trip the reporting duo travelled to the famed moon of Endor, where they explored many of the sights before finishing the trip the trip at an ewok villiage.

“The forested moon of Endor was the beginning of the end to the Galactic cilvil war that ripped through the galaxy so many years. We returned to see how life has progressed on this historically important moon.

A space station now orbits the moon bringing visitors down to an old Imperial garrison landing point.  Even after all these years the equipment still looks in pretty good shape owing testament to the Empire’s engineering prowess. We toured on of the antique AT-ATs which even though modern versions are used, still gives a perspective to the might of the Empire at the time.

Hostile Mynocs

Working our way down from the platform we were greeting by a vast and dense forest.  It doesn’t seem that much has changed since the planet was instrumental in the defeat of the empire. We decide to make our way to try and find some of the local natives, which actually didn’t take long, though first contact with a pack of hungry mynocks wasn’t the best of welcomes.

After running from our hosts, we found an old Imperial bunker that oddly enough seemed to have had recent activity. The main door was sealed, but the walls had ben cleaned and several new flags were waving indicating for now an unknown power using the bunker. Rest assured that the we’ll return to se who has decided to make their home on the Endor’s moon. After finding no way in we left and travelled through the forest to what seemed a path of sorts.

Bunker on the moon

A bit later after traveling on the path for a while, we came upon an Ewok village. Truly life here has stayed about the same, as the village itself seemed quite primitive though well engineered. Numerous huts dotted the tree-scape after one makes their way up to the main areas of the village far above the moon’s surface away from some of the native hungry beasts. Even though living areas weren’t modern, they were quite comfortable, and one could find huts of different sizes on the different levels. Near the top, a larger area seemed to have been staked out as a meeting or gathering place. Numerous instruments laid about, even ones made from old imperial equipment, giving a hint at the deep culture of the local Ewoks.

An Ewok village

All in all, the Moon of Endor should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. Just be sure to bring bug repellant and good shoes to run if necessary, though the village of the Ewoks is a secured oasis in the midst of the unspoiled forest. It’s also an area for scientific and historic studies. Numerous species including sentient races make up the fauna of the moon and the Ewoks themselves have a rich cultural heritage. Even though the moon isn’t normally on the radar for galactic happenings anymore, a few unanswered questions still remain, needing further investigation. Namely who maintain the old imperial equipment and has taken up residence on the moon? Only time will tell.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira