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Vjun governor Priest Varun interview

September 30, 2010

Priest Varun and the reporters

Galactic News reporters contacted Priest Varun to have update from the Galactic Dominion and Vjun where he’s the new governor.

Vjun: After its withdrawal of Nal Hutta and except the conflict between Mustafar and Yavin 4, the Galactic Dominion is experiencing a period of peace. Our reporters interviewed Priest Varun, the new governor of Vjun for an official view on the current affairs.

As governor of Vjun, he affirmed his objectives to promote the local economy and make the planet more popular in the Galactic tourism scene. This last one wouldn’t be the easiest due to the acid rain climate, however Vjun started the build of a Limmie stadium. The stadium will be able to host one of the Pangalactic Games competitions.

As initiated by the former governor and still headmaster of the academy Kai Vysiil, Vjun will continue to promote education and culture, but at a universal level.

Vjun new limmie stadium

Beside is governor activity, Priest Varun resumed his scientific and engineering project with his company, the A’den Technologies. They’re currently working on a new medical transport, which he claims it will be the best available and will be sold at a very affordable price.

The Galactic Dominion is also about to start the campaign for the High Chancellor position. The currently declared candidates are
Darth Arcanis, governor of Mustafar and the diplomat Kristavic’tori’anan, also known as Victoria.This last one already started her campaign, sending posters amongst the dominion systems.

— Daana, Rakiko, Izeya