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Gift for Hutts disappears

November 2, 2011

3 Million credits worth of spice which Wonka the Hutt was sending to the Hutt Council as a gift has disappeared en route.

In yet another twist of fate in the world of criminal politics, the generous gift which Black Dawn had been sending to the Hutt Council has vanished en route.

“We lost the transponder signal in the vicinity of Rhelg,” stated Wing, Boss of the Black Dawn Syndicate, in a Comm interview. “We’re not sure what happened, but we’re keeping all options on the table until we get concrete evidence… but make no mistake when we get that evidence, whoever is responsible will pay. hey are not just messing with us, they are messing with the whole Hutt Council.”

The freighter, which was destined for Nar Shaddaa was escorted by several droid fighters. Reporters were led to a crash site on Rhelg of the droid fighters. The ship was too badly damaged to tell if it had been shot down or crashed on its own, but given the circumstances foul-play seems likely.

Xalim live from Rhelg

Xalim live from Rhelg

The possibility remains, of course that Black Dawn took the shipment them self, though Wonka indicated they would assure the Hutt Council received their promised gift, even if he had to take it directly out of Black Dawn’s profits.

Many questions remain; Who took the spice and why? Where is it now? And when will it show up again, if ever?

Reporting live from Rhelg, I’m Sabrina Xalim.