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Tanaab Senator a Targeted for Assassination

November 9, 2011

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Tanaab to meet with Senator Kayla Meena who was afraid of possible assassination attempts.

Tanaab: Senator Kyala Meena was met on this Jedi stronghold where she expressed concerns of her safety. For the most part Tanaab has been relatively quiet compared to other regions of the Galaxy, with the occasional skirmish as someone tries to prove their worth by defeating a Jedi. However, recently several suspicious individuals have visited the planet. Even though Tanaab is open to trade, a certain portion of the spacer traffic going through the planet has  raised security concerns. Several of the merchants and ship crews have been visiting areas such as the Jedi temple for unknown reasons. Even though the Temple and government building have areas for the public to come to, they are usually not on the sight-seeing agenda of the average space.

Senator Kayla Meena of Tanaab.

Adding fuel to the suspicions are that several of these individuals have weapons and from witnesses are supposedly using them, as people have claimed to hear blaster shots. This was a scenario that happened recently to the Senator. As she worked in her office she became somewhat concerned when she heard blaster fire on the outside. And investigation didn’t bring up anything and the Senator returned to work. However, security cameras recorded a bald-headed lady in red and black robes in the vicinity acting out of the norm.

The next days, the same lady was spotted moving about the Temple. She was confronted by Jedi master, after she was seen carrying weapons, some sort of claw device in this case. A skirmish broke out, but the lady was able to escape, without her true identity becoming known to the Senator nor the Jedi. Around the same time another lady was arrested by GAR who declared that she was working with the unknown bald lady and that their mission was to assassinate the Tanaab Senator. At this time her true identity and exact whereabouts are unknown as well. However, the Senator was able to speak to a Mandalorian working with GAR who gave her intelligence information that she was the target of a pirate group.

Jedi face off against woman threatening the Senator for her to listen to news of an assassination attempt.

Lastly adding to the list of those wishing for the Senator’s demise was news brought by an independent spacer from Tython who stated that the Senator’s life was in danger as well as other news that the whole region was in danger of being invaded… She claimed to have direct knowledge linking factions on Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine who have been plotting the Senator’s demise and a possible invasion of the Jedi outpost on Tanaab.l However the Jedi refused to listen to her as they claimed she was untrustworthy. Making matters worse, the lady pulled out weapons and threatened the Senator and Jedi to listen to her, plus indicated that she was behind some of the contracts put out on the Senator’s life as she wanted to catch her attention to the true threats.The Jedi quickly disarmed her and she was told to leave, though she requested a meeting with the Senator on Tython that fell on deaf ears.

Senator Kayla was very concerned for her safety and what it would mean to the people of Tanaab if she fell victim to a tragedy or crime. However, she was confident that the Tanaab Jedi and also GAR, who recently had posted more troops because of the possible assassination attempt, would be able to protect her and others. GNN will continue to investigate to find evidence supporting these allegations of assassination, but with so many claiming it, there must be something to it.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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