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Jade Galactic Group Expands Their Business

November 10, 2011

While on a news finding mission on Rhelg, reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide came across members of the Jade Galactic Group, an interplanetary corporation. Also working with them was Tiro the Hutt’s former majordomo, Wez Worthum.

Rhelg: Members of the Jae Galactic Group, including one of the leaders, Svenske, were gracious enough to answer a few question for GNN, while they were on Rhelg drumming up business. Also present with him was Wes Worthum, the former majordomo of Tiro the Hutt. Mr. Worthum stated he was fired from that position for unknown reasons but now seemed to be satisfied with his new employment for Jade.

Reporters speaking with members of the Jade Galactic Group on Rhelg.

As explained by Svenske, the Jade Galactic Group is a Corporate Conglomeration with numerous subsidiaries. Most prominent were their transportation, security and medical areas of business. Priding themselves on utmost professionalism, they declined to talk about their current clients but did give an overview of the services they provided.

Starting out in transportation, Jade group has become proficient in transporting goods and people at a fair price. Arising from this endeavor, since so many ships recruited security from pirates, Jade group is also proving this service directly, providing those that need it with body-guards or other security personnel.

Their newest line of business is in the medical field. Svenske stated he hoped they will become well-known in providing first responding services to areas stricken by war, catastrophe, or disasters.

All in all the company is doing very well, and are in need of new employees to fill pilot, soldier, healer, as well as numerous other positions. The company itself is formed under the laws of several jurisdictions and they have a strict policy to follow the laws in any given area. They can be contacted at their comm number found at all the major spaceports, as well as Svenske and one of his security personnel, Faardor, for information.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. faardor
    November 10, 2011 at 5:34 PM

    Anyone wishing to join the security force can report to me, Faardor Laar, Head of Security.

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