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More Galactic Senators Targeted for Violence

November 10, 2011

After Senator’s Kayla of Tanaab concern of being a possible target for assassination, reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide recieved word that the Teth Senator had just been rescued from a kidnapping attempt.

Bakura: Meeting with Senator Draconis of Teth and Senator Rain of Yavin IV in the company of several GAR troopers, most notably those from the 501st, we were told how dangerous the situation maybe for the Galactic Republic Senators maybe. Senator Kayla of Taanab, had already given concern previously, but the latest incident was much more direct as Teth’s Senator was kidnapped and was just lucky enough to be close enough to a GAR patrol to be rescued.

Troopers who helped rescue the senator along with Senator Rain (middle right) and Senator Draconis (right).

While on his home-world of Teth, Senator Draconis was taken prisoner by members of what they claimed to be the Black Nebula, a group the senators stated had made threatening remarks to the republic. The governor of Tython was also to have been held for ransom for this group, though the exact details on that case haven’t been released yet, other than the ransom was paid. Draconis was then transported to Tython aboard a mobile station for what he believed was to be an interrogation.

While investigating the whereabouts of these pirates, trooper A’denn of GAR came across the mobile station and called for backup. Privates Rain and Hunt of the 21st Alpha squad responded and the three were able to rescue the senator who was injured in the altercation. The 501st also were able to secure the area, though the members of the Black Nebula were able to escape.

For now the Galactic Senate has been has been briefed on what happened and they hope to warn those working for the Republic, especially those working for or as Senators to be alert and have security with them. The Senate is working with GAR to determine what to do next. The senators were confident though that with GAR providing security and other resources of the Republic the criminals would be brought to justice soon and the Black Nebula disbanded.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira