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Sith Empire studying G’karr the Hutt alliance

November 14, 2011

Reporters of the Galactic News took part of the Sith Empire meeting to follow the alliance proposal from G’Karr the Hutt.

Sith Empire Meeting

Byss: During the last Sith Empire meeting, Darth Periculosa reported to the Emperor Darth Novo the alliance proposal sent by G’Karr of the Anjiliac clan. The Hutt was formerly attacked by someone reported being a Jedi. He wanted to improve his clan’s relation with the Sith for their positive reaction following the attack and their already good relationship, notably after Exitium’s efforts in Tatooine. This alliance proposal is a breach in the traditional neutralities of the Hutt clans in the galactic conflicts.

The Emperor welcomed the proposal. The Sith blamed the Jedi and per extend, the whole republic, which they judge too powerful and intolerant toward the others societies. He praised the wisdom of the Hutt and asked Periculosa to organise a meeting where they should discuss on the details of the alliance. The Empire would however be reluctant to enter into an alliance if they would be only used as auxiliary troop to the Hutt.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide