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Galactic Arms Corp. is Open for Business

November 18, 2011

As the galaxy continues to spin into lawlessness many are resorting to the protection and services of bounty hunters and mercenary groups. Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide, met with Commander Xaaris of the Galactic Arms Corp, a weapon supplying company and mercenary outfit.

Mos Entha, Tatooine: Arms dealing and mercenary services are certainly one of lucrative business in the Galaxy currently. One such group is the Galactic Arms Corp whose leader, Commander Xaaris, was gracious enough to answer a few of GNN’s questions.

Commander Xaaris, leader of the Galactic Arms Corp.

Brother to a once well-known mandalorian, Jarell Xaaris, the commander now oversees a multi-purpose corporation. Headquartered in Mos Entha on Tatooine, the Galactic Arms Corp not only manufactures and sells weapons of all types, but they also have a military wing specializing in security, military, and bounty hunter contracts. As far as politics are concerned they always remain neutral, selling their services to the highest bidder on a first come time-table that would extend to the Republic as well as to the Sith or any other interested party on equal terms.

Being professional, the mercenary group prides itselfs on keeping anonymity for their employers they were able to say that currently they are working with the Black Nebula on helping that organization clear its name of terrorist charges as well as bounty hunting for another individual, though who they are or who is being hunted was not revealed.

The soldiers and troopers of this business go through a grueling training program, designed to make as perfect of a warrior as possible, before they are ever allowed to go out on a job. Commander Xaaris is confident that this corporation will be able to compete and thrive in the ever-expanding and competitive mercenary game. If interested to be recruited or to hire contact Commander Xaaris, who can easily be reached in Mos Entha.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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