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Tython Seeks New Governor as well as End to Terrorist Attacks

November 18, 2011

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide were able to speak with an officer the Grand Navy Fleet, Zach Rodchester, about the terrorist attacks on Tython as upcoming elections for governor.

Tython: New security measures have been put into place on this Republic world. Due to recent terrorist attacks, the Republic Chancellor has issued that all ships coming into the system for a landing will be locked on by tractor beams and brought in for the landing. Also security and surveillance has increased. These measure were put into place after recent terrorist attacks on the system. Zach Rodchester of the Grand Navy Fleet gave more details as to the attacks and the Republic’s response so far.

Contrary to the claims of the terrorist that caused the recent bombing of the government building as well as a string of kidnappings, the Republic still feels that she’s working with the Black Nebula and it is this group behinds the attacks. Their public claims of bringing war to the Republic and that the terrorist requested syndicate members to be freed from prisoners, have cause the Republic to name them top suspects, even though according to Mr. Rodchester, their true threat level is actually low.

Zach Rodchester, Navy Officer running for governorship of Tython.

Also a warrant will be issued for the arrest of Tiali, the one that had taken responsibility of the bombings and she well face several charges including several counts of murder, all crimes that carry a death sentence. To Rodchester she and the others responsible are “cowards” since they used areas of space, known as dead zones, that blocked transmissions, including scanners, to launch their attacks from. He stated they will a be found out and dealt with, even if it meant striking against an area like Mos Entha in Tatooine to route out all the terrorists. As for specifics on an operation in Mos Entha or elsewhere, this officer was tight-lipped though indicated the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) would have a major part. Rodchester was confident that these “amateur.”

As the systems becomes ready for a new governor, elections being held soon, work has begun on repairing the damage done by the terrorists. GAR has also become instrumental in the relief effort as well as curiously the Hutts. Zach Rodchester explained a little more about the relationship with the Hutts as well as his platform on running for governorship against rival Ryan Adams.

If he wins the governorship, Rodchester hopes to bring increased trade to Tython to boost the systems economy. aiding him in this endeavor will a be a huttling new on the business scene. She claims to be a non-gangster type of business dealer, and Rodchester couched that she was an honest light in a s ea of Hutts whose actions are criminal in most parts of the Galaxy. She also wished to be an example for her people as someone who makes profit by conducting honest work and hopes to repair the image of Hutts among the galactic populace. Serving as a slave for his early part of life under a corrupt government, Rodchester is quite aware of what power can do and hopes to serve his people with understanding and caring if he wins.

RIght now the governorship, left vacant by Bebe Benae is being sought after by two candidates, Rodchester and Adams. However, applications to run are still open for a couple more days, so any candidate wishing to run still has a chance to name themselves.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira