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Black Nebula Denies Terroism and Talks About a New Problem on Tatooine

November 19, 2011

As the Republic increases its security due to recent terrorist attacks, reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Mos Entha to speak with one group the Republic was blaming, the Black Nebula.

Rei'Cara, leader of the Black Nebula.

Mos Entha, Tatooine: Leader of the Black Nebula, Rei’Cara, also known as the “Crime Boss” a nickname given to her by the Hutts, spoke with GNN about allegations by the New Republic against her organization, the Black Nebula. She received her nickname due to activities of her group that would be considered criminal on Republic worlds but not Tatooine, such as smuggling. Some of these activities have caused the Republic to claim its proof that the Black Nebula also conducts terrorist activities, a charge that Rei’Cara denies.

The Black Nebula leader explained that it would be counter-productive for her group to conduct terrorist operations as it would only increase security in Republic worlds, making it harder to conduct her smuggling operations. She couldn’t give an explanation of why the Republic thinks she’s involved in their recent troubles other than that Tiali, the true terrorist, was once a sergeant in the Black Nebula. She believes the Republic is mistaking their intel and harping on the fact that she visited Tiali, once on Tython. However, Rei’Cara wanted to make it clear that she doesn’t condone the harming of innocent civilians. In fact she had medical supplies sent to Tython to help with their relief effort. Furthermore, she claims that her group never initiates attacks and are only involved in the trading of goods and the defense of Mos Entha for the Hutts.

Rei'Cara showing the remains of the captured Silentium.

As for the defense job, they’ve been charged with investigating a recent occurrence on Mos Espa. Recently it was reported that an unknown craft had crashed landed. It has since been determined it was a Silentium, a mechanically based life form that attacked the Empire over a hundred years ago. Currently, it is unknown how many are on the planet, but one was recovered in a debris field where it had attacked a transport killing all those aboard. Also, the protective Satellite network in the Tatooine system has been compromised.

Rei-Cara feels that these clues point to a larger infestation of these creatures and a possible invasion by them on Tatooine, but more investigation will need to be done. The Silentium that was recovered hasn’t given up its secrets yet, as no one with the expertise to study it or download its memory module has been found yet. Once an expert can be found, the Black Nebula should be able to determine more about what’s happening and inform the anxious Hutts who are worries that they may cause a drop in profits. Until then the Black Nebula will continue with their duty of protecting Mos Entha.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira