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Governor Debate Interrupted by Terrorist Attack on Tython

November 24, 2011

As the debate for the upcoming governor election of Tython was about to progress several explosions went off. Reporter Rakiko Lowtide went to investigate the aftermath.

Tython: The well publicized governor debate was to occur last night between candidates Zach Rodchestor and Ryan Adams. Several high-profile persons came from across the Galaxy to watch the debates, including dignitaries from Nar Shaddaa, Yavin IV, Coruscant as well as others regions. Also present were most of the Tython political body as well as the local Jedi order, the NJO. Security was at its highest that it had been for a long time, because of the recent threats and actual bombings occurring on this Republic world. However, as the crowd gathered to wait on the candidates, even the best security measures can have holes in its armour.

Fires from bombing on Tython right before the governor debates (courtesy of Jedi Alexa).

Senator Nasaji Oba accompanied by Jedi, Anubis Deconcroix gave their eyewitness testimony as to the events that occurred as well as to the quick investigation that followed. They had been waiting for the debate to begin when several large explosions went off at several points around the gathered crowd. As of now no reports of deaths have been released but several were injured including the Senator herself, but with minor wounds. Luckily the NJO and Tython authorities were able to keep the situation from falling into further chaos, and the crowd was finally dispersed safely and the fires contained. The candidates who hadn’t arrived yet were also taken to safety.

As information began pouring in, the Tython investigators were quick to piece together what had transpired and how the security systems had failed. One of the security guards, name withheld to protect his family, had been forced into allowing two individuals access to the area. His family had been threatened and he had complied to their demands. Currently the guard and his family are at a safe location. The two individuals, disguised as Tython workers, then proceeded to plant explosives around the area and were then able to flee, though witnesses and cameras were able to capture their appearances.

Senator Nasaji Oba (front) with Jedi, Anubis Deconcroix (back).

Two female Zabraks, both  early to mid twenties are now the two prime suspects related to the bombing. One was described as tan skinned with several black facial tattoos, the other tan to reddish coloring. Their exact identities if known haven’t been released, though they aren’t known to be from the area. The Republic and Tython forces would be appreciated for any information leading to their true identities or capture.As of now the exact reasons for the bombing are unknown. However, Senator Oba suggested it was to disrupt the election process, as a Tython without a governor is a weak Tython. She believes that several enemies of the Republic and/or Tython maybe behind the bombings so as to disrupt Tython enough for it to be weak against a full attack and stated that terrorist attacks are the weapons of the weak not the strong. As of now, she along with other Republic personnel are discussing changes to the security of the system to make sure these types of attacks do not occur again. Also the candidates will not make any more public appearances before the elections, rather they will be releasing press reports outlining their platforms and opinions.

GNN will continue to cover the events surrounding this troubled world and will announce the winner to the governorship once elections have taken place.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

**Breaking News**

Martial Law has been declared on Tython by the Republic Supreme Chancellor. Persons not of or associated the GAR, the Jedi, or the NRGF are subject to searches which extends to their ships. Furthermore, all visiting unknown ships will have tractor beams locked on them before being brought down for a controlled landing. This is to ensure the safety of the citizens of Tython.

  1. November 24, 2011 at 11:12 AM

    Current Post:

    Greetings and salutations everyone,

    I want to thank Rakiko for reporting on the events that transpired on Tython. Tython may not have a governor but the galaxy must know we are not weakened. If not, we are stronger then ever after the events. We are Tython. The galaxy can beat us down, kill our families, destroy our homes, and try to lay waste to our way of life. But in the end we shall prevail.

    Because we are citizens of The New Republic. And we shall stand strong and fight for our constitutional rights. Justice shall be served to those involved in these terrorist attacks on our world. We shall not be silenced but rise up and fight for our right to live.

    May the force continue to bless all on Tython and may it continue to guide us all true.

    Ambassador Benae of Tython

  2. Sihivus Verne
    November 24, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    ”Two female Iridonians? That’s even better than one! I may yet have to make a special trip to Tython merely in an attempt to meet the two suspects. Granted, my own motives in finding these two vixens are much different than the Republic’s own, but when you pay attention to detail things just get confusing, yes? If anybody would kindly point me in their direction, or give them my comm number.. I’d be in a much better mood for the remainder of the week.”

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