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New Trade Federation Renews its Activities

November 25, 2011

Having been dormant for a while the New Trade Federation (NTF) has appointed a new leader, the son of the former Viceroy, who has new goals and aspirations. Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide sat down and spoke with the new viceroy, Alexander Wade on their offices of Boz Pity

It’s been sometime since our last report on the New Trade Federation (NTF), especially since many of the trade routes they had expanded on Corulag have wither become unsafe or used for other purposes. Drake Wade the former Viceroy, who ruled alongside a prime minister, Ruun Damaku, had expanded the organization far beyond its origins from merely a powerful economic block to a large government holding territories throughout the galaxy. Being a Sith himself he had aligned the NTF with different Sith orders such as the Dark Lords of the Sith and the Disciples of Ragnos. Furthermore the organization had transformed from a trade organization into a military powerhouse designed to protect its holdings and extend the reach of the NTF government.

Alexander Wade speaking ot reporters at the GNN office on Boz Pity.

Those days are now in the past as the NTF had been in decline for quite some time now. Many of its old territory holding are gone, and with the recent decline in Corulag’s influence, the NTF was further weakened. However, no a new viceroy has taken over. Alexander Wade, the son to Drake Wade ahs a new plan for the NTF. Growing up mainly on Republic worlds, away from the military campaigns of the former NTF, he has grown to adopt the beliefs of his those systems. Furthermore, he has not grown up in a force tradition, not giving much credibility the “force” used by Jedi and Sith alike. His ambitions are truly opposite that of his father’s.

First, the government of the NTF has been restructured, with all power falling to the Viceroy position with the prime minister being done away with. Alexander Wade believes this will allow quicker action as the NTF regrows and restructures. Furthermore, the line of succession will stay within in the family, though Alexander is of the belief that if his son is raised correctly he’ll continue the plans and operations made by him. Also, the most drastic change will be the focus of the NTF from allying with the Sith to becoming a pro-Republic government.

As the NTF regrows its army and meager outlying holdings, as well as provide more services for its citizens, Alexander Wade hopes to also re-establish its old goals of becoming a successful trading organization. GNN will continue to cover news as the NTF reconstructs itself.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    December 2, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    If the NTF is no longer a government, what happens to its citizens, or should I say former citizens? Until reading this article, I believed myself to be a registered citizen of the NTF, with rights and such.

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