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Demand for Ryll Creates a Booming Business

November 26, 2011

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide spoke with a freighter captain about the issues concerning the Ryll trade out of Ryloth.

Ryloth: The Twi’lek home world unfortunately is known for two commodities, Slaves and Spice, specifically one called Ryll, an illegal spice in many parts of the galaxy. Most of the trade is controlled by various Hutt clans who hold a strong influence over the world. However, because of the demand of both industries throughout the Galaxy, other traders also try to take a piece of the Ryloth pie, no matter how small. The world’s remoteness and harsh conditions open up a small window, where the Hutt security does not operate, for these independent traders to grab some of the fortune being made on this system.

Ryll trader on Ryloth.

GNN met one such trader who was using a makeshift camp constructed by other traders and smugglers as a sort of protection from the strong winds. He was on the surface while his ship and crew orbited the planet to insure his shipment of Ryll was in good condition. He was recently trying to break into the Ryll trade on a stable basis, stating that the Hutts tend not to spend too many resources to stop a lone journeyman. He was hoping to be able to pay off his ship sooner with the quick money , in this case the Hutt currency wupiupi, which is becoming widely popular in the galaxy.

This particular shipment was going to Eriadu, where its made into Ryll-Upu, a legal drink on that world, that gives a calming effect to the drinker. There’s also a large demand for Ryll in the medical fields as well as in the recreational drug industry where it’s normally made into glitterryll. The demand for this spice creates such a high price that traders like this Captain are willing to risk their own lives to trade in it.

Curiously, this Captain, which may be a general attitude with most Ryll traders, opposed the Slave trade and will have nothing to do with it. He stated he hated to see anyone be made into a slave but also opined that maybe it was their destiny. It will be interesting to see if the reverse is true and that slavers abhor the spice business.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira