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Character Spotlight: Lady Malice

December 9, 2011

On Byss, GNN Photojournalist Dometa Jo, had the chance to meet a rather interesting character. Her name is Lady Malice, a new initiate into the Byss academy. She agreed to do an interview, this is what followed.

New initiate of Byss Sith academy

Lady Malice, is one of the newest initiates of the Dark Lords of the Sith in Byss. She, was born on Dromund Kass. Her parents, living there for many years, were not native to the region. Her family originating from the world of Naboo.

This young enthusiastic initiate is hoping that the Sith will see her worthy enough to rise in the ranks of the order. For she has aspirations to become a mentor and master in the Dark Lords. Hoping that once she reaches the status of Darth, she can implement her wisdom and teachings to future sith initiates

Lady Malice explained her great interest in history, as it has become her passion ever since she was young. As she then went on to share a childhood story where books and holo novels were her only real comfort.

When she became older, Lady Malice decided to leave her home and set out forth into the Galaxy, on her own pilgrimage. She had the opportunity and privilege of studying ancient archaeological sights and this journey enhanced her passion of history and the lessons of the past.

Face to Byss Sith Imperial Citadel

During her travel, she visited Malachor V, which is still holding together at her amazement. She spent time in the ancient tombs in Korriban and studied the ancient ruins of Ludo Kressh’s stronghold of Rhelg. She also visited systems like Dxun, Naboo, or the desert wastelands of Tatooine, although she regretted “there is not much there.”

She explained her attraction for the travel; “one’s journey of knowledge is never finished and the planets which contain boundless information are still out there. One can only hope to see half of it in a lifetime. My passion for such knowledge will never diminish.”

Thanks to Lady Malice for allowing GNN to conduct this interview.