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Republic Fleet Withdrawls from Uvena Prime

December 14, 2011

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with Republic Fleet Captain Zach Rodchester who made the announcement that the Fleet had been ordered to withdrawal from the conflict on and surrounding Uvena Prime.

Tython: Captain Zack Rodchester, officer in the Republic fleet and prior Tython governor candidate, related that the main Republic naval forces had been ordered to withdraw from Uvena Prime. This is on the heels of several succesful counter-strikes the Revenant and allied forces have struck against the resistance movements. However, at this time it is unclear who exactly ordered the withdrawal, though the Captain said the Tython Governor, Ryan Adams, took the unusual steps to make the order himself. Why Republic forces complied with the forces is unknown at this time and Republic officials as well as the Chancellor office are trying to be reached if the Governor was acting under their authority.

Captain Rodchester on Tython speaking about the fleet

The Captain suggested Tython’s governor gave such orders to reduce the friction between the Republic and the Hutts who have been ordered their forces to assist the Revenant as well as the Hutts holding the main political positions on the planet. Currently Captain Rodchester has been given the duty of commanding the fleet, as the fleet commander is currently residing on Tython for unknow reasons. As of now the Captain stated that the Republic forces would we redeployed to Republic systems for defense. Uvena Prime had been an extra measure on the part of the Republic since its not a Republic world, but because conflicts may have carried on for several more weeks, months, or years, it was putting a strain on the defense of actual member worlds.

With the Fleet gone, now the GLA is left to carry on the resistance movement with just a few allies such as the paramilitary group known as the Rebel Scum, some mandalorian allies, a few Jedi, divisions from the GAR as well as some Republic forces who have volunteered to stay behind. How the withdrawal itself will impact the resistance movement is unknown but its safe to say that their situation has become much more dire. The Republic Navy is still recruiting and building up their forces so it maybe true that they were unable to carry on a prolonged fight, but the full story should be known once the Chancellor and other Republic officials have made their statements.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira