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New Governor on Telos IV

December 16, 2011

Returning to Telos IV, reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with the new governor from the Mandalorian clan Ne’tra.

Callista Ne'tra.

Telos IV: It had only been recently that a new base was set up at the pole of Telos IV over the site of an ancient HK droid processing plant. However, now the workers and the civilians living at the installation are no being governed by new leadership.Hailing from the Mandlorian Clan Ne’tra, Callista Ne’tra came to oversee the activity of the others as well as look into the rumored lost droid factory as well and ended up buying the territorial rights to the system. Upon arrival, the Mandaloran clan led by Jarell Xaaris left the area as well the mercenary group under the former governor. Since Callista Ne’tra felt that the former governor was corrupt she usurped her role as governor. Now the Clan is overseeing the operations on Telos IV, though excavation and research is still being made on the excavation of the former HK hunter/battle droid factory.

Also the establishment of shipwright equipment is also being brought in to make the area ripe for the production of ships. Currently the project is led by a Twi’lek by the name of Koota Mal. Their first unit just recently came off the assembly line, a freighter based on an old design from the Old Republic. hopes to start full production in the creation of several models that will be sold throughout the galaxy.

Callista speaking with reportes in front of a new ship based on an old design.

For the most part the clan will stay neutral in the conflicts of others, staying on Telos IV to buildup both the shipping industry as well as the droid manufacturing industry as well. Much of the latter industry will be based on what is found from the excavation of the historical sites. Also still located in the system is the acting headquarters of the NTF as well as a small GAF outpost.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira