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Eriadu Concern about Uvena Prime’s war

December 17, 2011

Phelar Islands city

On the way back from Uvena Prime, a reporter of the Galactic News stopped on Eriadu and discussed with the spokesperson of the Eriadu Central Bureaucracy.

The Adjudicator Chanakya reported the concern of the Eriadu Trade Board about the war raging in the Planet Uvena Prime. Located only a few parsecs away from the war zone in the Seswenna sector, Eriadu is at the crossing of two main trade route and is a central place for the trade in the Galaxy. Its economy itself is based on the trade. Recently they obtained reports of a dramatic increase in unregistered ships coming out of that sector, which is an indication of of an increase in piracy and smuggling. The Eriadu Central Bureaucracy has formed several key sub-committees to study the situation and have increased the number and range of Eriaduan Naval patrols.

Adjudicator Chanakya

Chanakya recalled their previous support agreement with Bakura, both part of the Hydian Way Regional Defence Force. They are providing escort and close combat support for Bakura navy GAR in the region, even if the GAR left unoccupied their seat in the Bureaucracy.

The Eriadu Central Bureaucracy has many trade agreements with systems like the Republic and even Bespin, and will welcome treaties with other systems, even if their Jedi warned them about the Sith regime.

They are also willing to offer the service of the bureaucracy to the local system and others, providing “trade management, resolution of political and legal disputes, position studies, and Central Committee formation.” If accepted, such offer would appease the conflicts in the Galaxy.

— Daana Kira