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Large battle on Uvena Prime

December 17, 2011

Galactic News Network dispatches a reporters on Uvena Prime after a large battle was raging.

The Grand Admiral Abyssus of the Revenant Armada against a GAR trooper (source: observer)

Uvena Prime: The resistance and their support repealed today a large assault against their defence from the Revenant Armada and their allies. Apparently the objectives were to take over the village they occupied since their landing by the allies. After the ground attack failed, the Revenant bombed the town. The Revenant apparently returned to their former position and an expedition was sent to recover prisoners.

Mikori Lawson, leader of the Galactic Liberation Alliance (GLA) in Uvena Prime reported hundreds of casualties in their camps but estimate the loss of their opponent twice more after the assault. He also claimed a large territorial progress, but apparently no major objective was taken. The coalition is coordinated by the GLA but composed of many groups independent, some of them leaving the war only to return. The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) might have left after the landing, even if troops were present in most of the combats since, including today’s where they were backed by their officers. The New Republic Grand Fleet (NRGF) was recalled by Tython’s governor Adams but they are expected to come back soon after they started to investigate on the governor’s integrity.

A patrol searching for remaining Revenant troops (source: observer)

The lack of reliability of the corps explain partly why the Revenant Armada keeps the initiative during most of the conflict. However the attackers are confident this issues will be resolved for the best and they will soon push the Revenant Armada away.

On the air and on orbit, the situation is still undecided. The Revenant might have received reinforcement. The GLA claim their fleet has a large technological edge on their opponent, but cannot balance their number. This make any air support difficult.

— Daana Kira