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Solari Jedi Open a Temple in Mos Entha

December 18, 2011

Jedi Serenity of the Solari Jedi invited journalists Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide to the order’s temple on Tatooine to speak about the establishment of the order and their plans.

Mos Entha, Tatooine: We we were invited by Master Serenity of the Solari Jedi to come tour their new temple. Surprisingly the inside of the temple was well-cared for and had several lush landscaping, in contrary to the barren sands of the outside. The Solari order is the brainchild of Serenity, who believes there is a need for well-trained Jedi in the combat and force arts to provide help to those in need in the galaxy. According to her, the Solari name was derived from a famous crustal that is held in high esteem by the Jedi and from what she conveyed she wishes the Solari to be a unique force amongst the Jedi.

Being a Jedi for several years now, she had begun her training at a young age on Telos IV. Later she continued her training with the Ac’trayth order on Onderon. After that order fell is when she began her plans to find her own order and establish its philosophy. After the early stages of the order’s formation it allied itself with the Tetan Empire and followed the Empress to their base on Tatooine. She had also began trying to ally and join other Jedi orders but were dissatisfied with their training systems so therefore formally established the Solari Order on her new home of Tatooine.

Master Serenity of the Solari Jedi.

Her training methods are harsher and more strict compared to other orders, but the Solari padawans are far better trained being able to take missions that normally only skilled Jedi from other orders can take. The order also proposes the idea of a balance between combat and knowledge as well as a balance in the Jedi’s entire life. They also form their philosophy on the core that they will only provide their assistance to those asking for it and not to force themselves on others. A result of this is that they don’t actively engage those labeled as enemies of the light but only react to the crimes committed by such individuals or others.

So far they’ve conducted several missions for individuals and factions throughout the galaxy such as helping in the return of a capture Republic Chancellor a while ago. Currently they’ve been heavily involved in fighting for the resistance movement on Uvena Prime. Paradoxically they have also helped Shaka the Hutt, who is helping the Revenant on Uvena Prime in some personal matters.  The order itself is growing rapidly with several new applicants looking to be trained.

Currently, the Order plans to stay on Tatooine, but will open satellite bases on other systems as the need arises. They will provide their services to help bring balance to the Galaxy by brining an end to the lawless and criminal nature most of it finds itself in and help those in need with negotiations, investigations, security issues, or any other matter. Their main goal is to provide skilled and experienced assistance.

– Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira