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A Look at the Order of the Sons

December 20, 2011

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide on a trip to Taanab, spoke with Sovereign knight, Abbraedae. The Sovereigns are now part of an organization, the Order of the Sons, whose mission it is to help individual planets with several of their need.

Taanab: On a trip to meet with the Senator of this system, we me Master Abbraedae who we had interviewed early on in our careers when he was a master in the sovereign Knights under the leadership of a force user known as Dada. Since the Senator was busy this day we took the opportunity to speak with Abbraedae.

Abbraedae speaking about his organization the Order of the Sons

Since leaving their former home-world, Abbraedae reformed the Sovereign Knights into an organization known as the Order of the Sons. The non-profit organization now provides several services to planets in need to bring balance back to the Galaxy. In fact the Sovereign Knights are now law enforcement arm and law division of the organization, providing these services as well as security to those that wish it. The organization also boasts a medical division, an archives division and a diplomatic division. Each one containing individuals that are experts in their fields and can provide the necessary aid where necessary.

To accomplish this organizations goals, Abbraedae is making agreements with several worlds such as Taanab to set up a base and start providing services, such as medical or teaching. On Taanab he hopes to start providing law enforcement duties in an agreement with the Taanab Jedi Order as he has started to speak to the Jedi Master Richi, though no concrete agreement has been made yet. However, Abbraedae explained that the local government, factions and orders always have the last say in what needs to be done and the Sons abide by the local laws and are under the direction of the locals. In fact several Sons are encouraged to join organizations on the planets they are serving such as becoming members of the local Jedi order.

Hemms Osterham the ambassador between the Order of the Sons and the locals.

On Taanab we were lucky to meet one of the other Sons who is providing diplomatic services to Taanab and acting as the ambassador between the Order of Sons and the local factions. Hemms Osterham was a refugee living on Yavin IV. He joined the order and soon became one of their top law enforcement officials, but soon showed that he had a talent in diplomacy, as he was able to diffuse several conflicts with words alone. Now he’s using those gifts to help others, either helping a freed slave from being captured again to helping governments with their diplomatic efforts. Currently on Taanab he’s helping to recruit members to the cause as well as setting up the services the Sons will provide to Taanab.

The group seems to pride itself on helping others and hope to one day bring balance to the galaxy where all people can live in peace with each other. To pursue these goals, they do no discriminate against any individual or group and will provide what help they can to Sith or Jedi alike as well as to others. They’re only limit is that they never attack only help to defend. GNN will continue coverage of this group as it grows in the Galaxy.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira