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Discussion with Chancellor Baccus Altus

December 20, 2011

Republic Chancellor Baccus Altus

Reporters of the Galactic news had an appointment with the Chancellor of the New Republic.

The chancellor Baccus Altus of the New Republic is currently investigating on the events in Tython, why the governor Adams order the fleet to come back from Uvena Prime, why the fleet is investigating on the governor and is moving to Bakura. The chancellor assured he never ordered the New Republic Grand Fleet to retract from Uvena Prime or move. The fleet was then present at the last battle.

That battle was followed by the evacuation of the of the Revenant Armada from the system for unknown reasons. The last reports referred to several factions, patrolling in the ground and the sky which already cause internal issues.

Shaka visiting the Chancellor

The Chancellor is now thinking to the aftermath. That’s why he welcomed the visit of Shaka the Hutt, which was present during the war, invited on the other side by the Governor Timoora. They expressed their common concern on the difficulties of the Native people on that planet and discussed on how to address them. However no decision was yet made. The Chancellor will discuss on the help the republic might provide at the next Senate meeting.

On another topic, the Chancellor expected the new Sith Emperor will be able to keep his people away from the Republic, finding “better and more beneficial to both rivaling parties to leave one another be if at all possible.” He also recalled a consequent part of the fleet not otherwise deployed was assigned to supervise the Republic’s border with the Sith Empire. He would however be ready to a discussion even if he doesn’t see it realistic at this moment.

Finally, Chancellor Altus is also planing an address in a neutral ground for the Life Day Ceremony.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide