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Discussion with Bakura planetary Senator Spanitz

December 24, 2011

In the planet Bakura, Galactic News reporters discussed with a local Senator, Dach Spanitz.

Bakura: Coming from a long family of Bakura politicians and members of the planetary Senate, Dach Spanitz gave an interview to GNN.

Lately the Bakura senate was in discussions on the sequel of the war in Uvena Prime. They are currently preparing a relief effort to support the people of Uvena Prime, harshly touched by the war. Senator Spanitz is part of this comittee, charged to ensure of the package transport.

Bakura Senator Spanitz

The Senator also wanted to congratulate the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), having their headquarters on the planet, for keeping the peace, especially after the Royal Guards were disbanded. At the opposite of the minority anti-GAR movement, he believes the troopers are “fine on principals and moral character.” It was reproached to the GAR to attract their enemies on the planet, but the Senator believe other groups would have attacked it anyway. The GAR, at least, provide a line of defence.Mr Spanitz sees his planet as “a major player in the Republic” and recalled the current Chancellor is from Bakura. It should “continue to push for the Republic with all that it may have in its democratic arsenal,” its guiding role is especially important since it is far from the core worlds.

On a personal plan, the senator Spanitz has ambitions to serve the Republic at a higher level. Even if the Spanitz family gave several high ranked politicians in Bakura, none were yet managed to leave this world and become a Galactic figure. Him and his brother are working to be the first of their line to go to Coruscant, capital of the Republic.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide