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Trade treaty signed between Zonama Sekot and the Hutt

December 27, 2011

A Galactic News reporter attended to the signing ceremony between the Hutt and the Zonama Sekot leadership.

Zonama Sekot: The Hutt of Nar Shaddaa went in Zonama Sekot for signing a trade treaty. According to the Magistere Salene Lusch, the treaty will establish good trade relations between the two parts. It also has a section about slavery, an important part of the Hutt culture, but prohibited on Zonama Sekot beside remnants of Yuuzhan Vong domains. The agreement formalizes the conditions where runaway slaves from the Hutt might be manumitted when they escape to Zonama Sekot. The signatories agreed this treaty is respecting each other sensibilities, which Shaka the Hutt, representing Darmutta, appreciated.

From left to right: Nerous, Flint Mokeev, Salene Lusch, Shaka

Shaka and the Salene Lusch signed the treaty, the Hutt Nerous and the Master Flint Mokeev standing as witnesses. The magister concluded by her hope of a better understanding, which, with the trade, will lead to prosperity and peace. Shaka recommended the peace and the beauty of a visit in Zonama Sekot.

After the ceremony, the delegation went for a walk through the swamps to a nearby snowy mountain, while droids loaded the Hutt ship with the crates of food offered by their host.

— Daana Kira