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Defending Against Tusken Raiders on Tatooine

December 28, 2011

Reporter Daana Kira investigated the reports of Tusken Raiders conducting raids against the population of Mos Entha. Meeting with several individuals she started to form a picture of the problem.

Mos Entha: The citizens of this large spaceport on Tantooine have been coping not only with a virus afflicting the population, but also with what seems to be constant raid by a tribe of Tusken Raiders, also known as Sand People, who have taken over fort in close proximity to the city on the road to Mos Taike. These natives of Tatooine have been carrying out increasingly violent, frequent, and daring raids against those that have made Tatooine their home. However, several individuals have begun to take up arms against the Raiders for several different reasons. GNN was able to speak to two such, one known as Hixal and the other named Josh Alphaville.

Hixal standing in front of the gates to Mos Entha.

The man known as Hixal has begun a one man war against the Sand People, taking it up on himself to hunt down the Raiders for the safety of the people of Mos Entha. He explained that because of the devastating toll a local virus has taken on the people, Mos Entha just hasn’t been able to defend itself and has been increasingly relying on the help of outside forces and people. Hixal has seen everyone from Jedi to Bounty Hunters come to try to take on the Tuskens, ranging in reasons from wanting to help the people or just gaining experience in fighting an aggressive foe. However, Haxil himself has volunteered to fight the Raiders for the benefit of the local population.

Josh Alphaville of the Secot Rangers

Another that has taken an interest in defending Mos Entha is a man named Josh Alphaville, who represents an elite group known as the Sector Rangers. The Sector Rangers are an intergalactic law enforcement organization tasked with investigating public corruption, organized crime, and hunting down fugitives. They are now on a mission to help defend against the violent Sand People, that Mr. Alphaville explained were attacking the citizens of Mos Entha for no reason, even going as far as entering the city due to the weakened defenses of the municipality. Mr. Alphavile however declined to name the source that had asked his organisation for help with the Sand People. He is also looking to recruit new members to this elite squad, wanting individuals with various skills and backgrounds ranging from combat to diplomacy who wish to see justice prevail in the Galaxy. He can easily be reached if one is interested.

Fort being used by the Tusken Raiders.

The dispatched GNN reporter was able to see first hand and up close the conflicts between the Raiders and the defenders of Mos Entha Being in the middle of a recent fight she saw first hand the violence displayed by both parties against one another, and even though an assault on the Raiders fort failed, these conflicts are far from over. However, one must wonder what the Sandpeople exactly want, and if the large influx of off-worlders who are looking for a fight haven’t provoked them over the edge.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. December 28, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    *Kardel tries not to laugh at this article*

    ” They’re sand people. They’re going to attack because it’s in their nature. A Tusken only submits to a saber-wielder that is truly capable of inflicting overwhelming, dominating terror into creatures that feed on chaos, fear, and combat proficiency. The only creature in the modern galaxy I can think of that would even be possible of doing so would be Skole. And as of late, Skole has become less of a sentient being, and more of a destructive, unrelenting force of nature. So asking Skole for help to get rid of the local Sand People tribe is next to impossible. Sand People are very much sentient and very much intelligent. They’ve even been known to adopt orphaned children from raids into their tribes. Although much more rare, archives tell us that they’ve also permitted strong warriors to become honorary tribe members. This doesn’t mean you can reason with a Tusken though. They’re religious zealots, and very territorial. This tribe probably has been in the area quite some time, or has recently migrated and feels the city is too close to their camp and fort. There are only really two solutions: Find a warrior powerful and charismatic enough to force them to submit and give up the territory, or send out a defense squad or a group of mercenaries to eliminate the fort, and leave not a single survivor. It’s unfortunate, but this is the only way to deal with Tuskens.

    – Alex Kardel: Tatooine Native, Scholar, Historian, Information Dealer, and Pirate”

    *The feed ends.*

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