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Jawa and Mandalorian oppose to Sand People in Mos Entha

January 2, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News visited the city of Mos Entha, which is facing Sand People attacks.

Chief R'kik D'nec

Tatooine: The Jawa of the Mos Entha region elected a new chief after the death of the former one. The former leader fell in a pit dived by a dangerous Sarlacc while trying to outrun an attack of the Tusken Raiders, also known as Sand People. The new chief, R’kik D’nec, complained of the savagery of the Tusken raiders, claiming they are slaving his people and eating their young. After the last raids, they will improve the defense of their caves and sand crawlers. R’kik D’nec also calls all the Jawa wanting to help them in this sector to join their tribes. He was elected as being the strongest of his clan and claims “I want to be a strong, noble and honorable leader.”

The Jawas of this area are scavengers and widely known for their repair skills. When they are not in work, they enjoy parties, both as guest or organizers. They recently agreed with Tiro, the lead Hutt of Mos Entha, to form an alliance.

Dha'oya'karir Mandalorians

The Tusken Raiders also have a new opponents in the region. The Mandalorian clan Dha’oya’karir led by Jarell Xaaris left the planet Saleucami, disagreeing with the arrival of Jedi, and moved their home to Mos Entha. There they took to heart the defence of the city, bombarded allegedly by the Tusken Raiders. The mandalorians managed to capture one of them and have jailed him. They mistreat him enough for his shouts are heard in a large section of the city. They expect the other Tusken Raiders will urge to rescue their fellow and fail under the mandalorian defence.

Even if the treatment is cruel, they blame the sand people for having tortured a mandalorian first. They would however agree to stop the hostilities if ever the Tusken Raiders stopped their raids against the city.

With the Sector Ranger, the Jawa, the Dha’oya’karir and other independent people against them, the Tusken Raiders have managed to unite many factions against them. Although, this factions are not currently coordinated.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide