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Issulla the Hutt Expands Holdings to Sleheyron

January 3, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide were invited to meet with Issulla the Hutt on her now controlled system of Sleheyron.

Landing on Sleheyron

Sleheyron: Issulla the Hutt, now a known member of the Nal Hutta Council, has entered upon the Galactic Stage by expanding her and the council’s holding to Sleheyron, a system which had a close door policy since the the great Yuuzhan Vong invasion centuries ago. Before that time the world had been the second largest center of commerce in Hutt space after Nal Hutta. For all intent and purposes she leads this system and has opened it up for business. Recently she held a large party and gathering to meet with members from the Galactic elite, allies of the Hutts, and others to make the announcement of her intentions.

Guests beginning to gather to meet with Issulla the Hutt

As we landed on the arid, heavily industrialized planet, we were greeted by several members of the Hutt security forces including those from the 331st such as Vincent Vesios, Grimlock, and Locdown. From there we were escorted to a large Hutt palace where several Hutts and allies had gathered, including Shaka the Hutt, Admiral Abyssus of the Revenant Armada, Shade, the Hutt security Chief, along with several other notables from around the Galaxy. Sinzalia translated for the mighty Issulla while Lt. Jay of the 331st translated for Shaka the Hutt.

Mighty Issulla the Hutt taking center stage

As for the plans for Sleheyron, Issulla is wanting to make it a center again for industrial goods and other committees such as ships, the system boasting one of the largest shipyards in the Galaxy, weapons, slaves, and any other business opportunity to bring profit to the Hutts.

All are welcome to visit and come for business, but as Issulla warned those showing disrespect to the Hutts would be treated harshly such being fed to the Rancors. Because of the great expanse of industry and economy on this world there are demands for all sort of workers, from those working in the refineries to skilled engineers designing ships. Issulla hopes to bring many to the world to find work and better themselves and for those that are interested they can either travel to tthe world or contact the Hutts through many of the offices scattered about the Galaxy.

With the opening of this important economic world, the Hutts are truly expanding their reach and hold on the Galactic commerce, as the Hutt Trugut and Wupiupi gain even more strength against the Galactic credit, as the latter has taken a beating because of the chaos between competing Galactic governments. As they push their influence, time will only tell what the response of the other Galactic Powers will be.

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira