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Turbulent Time at the Mos Espa Pod Race

January 6, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira witnessed the latest race in the Mos Espa Pod Racing circuit. A large crowd was in attendance to view a race that had a record number of crashes and injuries.

Mos Espa Podracing Circuit

Mos Espa: Now being hosted by Belutric the Hutt, the event itself was overseen by Alariya Tzedek. Several famous galactic personalities were in attendnace such as Wonka the Hutt, Wing the boss of the Black Dawn, Gunsa Calrissian, chief architect of Nal Hutta, and captain Zack Rodchester along with several other locals and visitors. Several racers also came to try their luck at winning this galactic famous race including regulars R3-V5 and Rakiko Lowtide, along with newcomers like Tishia Rinai.

Racers line up for what will be a race of crashes and carnage.

After several grueling race types, from short sprints to endurance piloting, the number of racers dwindled to a few for the final race of twelve laps. Excessive crashes had ended the hopes and careers of several races throughout the day. Its unknown exactly why some many had problems controlling their pods, but as the amount of debris on the track can attest to, it was mayhem out there.

For those surviving the crashes, most then were taken out in the endurance race where spectators were invited to fire upon the contestants with whatever long-range weapon sparked their fancy. This very popular event brought forth several overeager marksmen who took out several pods before they even crossed the start line. By the time of the final race, only a few racers were able to show up.

Racers and specators, including the winner R3-V5 speaking with the press.

After all was said and done, the astromech droid known as R3-V5 came out on top by a wide margin. Reporter Rakiko Lowtide was also able to finish the race though several laps behind the R3 unit, bringing him in second place. R3-V5 has become a fixture at the races winning several times as he’s been racking up an impressive win ratio. Piloting a modified pod built for his stature, this droid is owned by an unknown sponsor, who is testing what seems to be a new theory that droids when programmed and trained enough and allowed to develop their personalities can rival the consciousness of a sentient with the added benefit of performing tasks such as podracing that are dangerous to most organics. For now, R3-V5 says he yet to reach his full potential, but once he does his sponsor will show himself and push for the recognition of sentient rights for droids around the Galaxy.

Until then, let the speed and carnage continue is what most of the spectators of this sport are saying. See you at the races.

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    January 6, 2012 at 12:13 PM

    Doesn’t seem shocking at a droid would. But, then I’ve not heard of a droid racer until this point. Although I’ll admit I don’t follow the races all that closely so I may have over looked any.

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