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Manaan Reopens

January 8, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Danrick Starshadow traveled to Manaan to speak with the authorities on the opening of trade routes back to that world.

Reporters speaking with the Manaan authorities.

Ahto city, Manaan: The authorities of the planet Manaan decided to allow the access to their planet again. It was formerly blocked to foreigners after grave incident in the city, between Sith and Jedi factions. The Sith and the Jedi had both been given embassies in the past but fighting broke between the two forcing Manaan to shut down its borders to outsiders, only allowing Selkath to the surface. But now, the authorities have turned their precious decision and reopened their borders and have opened their arms to different alien races, such as a Zeltron names Jyn’dos, who is head of security.

Also, the government has changed from that of a totalitarian system to one controlled by a group of five court judges, where the rule of law overshadows everything else. The overseer of the courts, Judge Seraan Ka spoke of his planet and the changes being made as well as giving a tour of the facilities in this section. He stated that both the Jedi and Sith embassies have been open with each group spoken to about Manaan’s neutrality. However, security has been heightened especially around the Kolto facilities and the Sith are still looked upon with suspicion since they triggered the past conflicts.

Manaan racetrack for pods and swoops.

Kolto still forms the economic hub of Manaan, and the system’s isolation has allowed them to fix, secure, and expand aging gathering facilities. Now the Kolto being produced, by Seraan’s view, is extremely pure with a potency of fifty times more than bacta. In the past Kolto had found  disuse, most believing it to be inferior to Bacta, but if what the Judge says is true, this is quite a breakthrough and a boon for Manaan.

Also contributing to the local economy are the races being held. A large track has been built-in a secure area allowing for the first race in the Galactic Championship league in pod and swoop races. There are strict rules on governing the racers, and everyone has to register with the main office as well as their pod or swoop if they use their own. However, the track itself looks quite impressive and should be an entertaining first leg of the series.

Secyrity chief Jyn'dos (back left) and Judge Seraan Ka (front right).

In this main facility, one of the esteemed courts was also located, as well as other government offices. The area was also served by a well stocked cantina, with a friendly bartender known as Yaana. Past the entrances to the racetrack was the turbolift down to the main corridors leading to the outside and to the Kolto filters, which pulled the Kolto from the waters. The filters could only be reached by swimming to the outside and were under heavy security though Seraan did say they had to be constantly fixed because of the activity of Firaxian sharks, some of which have been rumored to be as large or larger than Rancors.

Overall the facility was quite nice and should be a pleasant stop for visitors and business men as they travel to this world. The government has a position of neutrality and stated all are welcome.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira

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