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Colonel Xean trial in Uvena Prime

January 9, 2012

The court

Reporters of Galactic News attended the trial of Matthew Xean, captured in Uvena Prime after its evacuation by the Revenant Armada.

Uvena Prime: The Colonel Xean, from the Revenant Armada was captured by the new authorities of Uvena Prime. He was accused of genocide against the Shistavanen people, combining the crimes of rape, murder, assault and attempted murder. These charges were said to have occurred during the occupation of the planet by the Armada, which Xean was an officer of. The colonel first plead non guilty, disturbing a part of he audience, and the judge Toshai Kylvik had to present the evidences.

Notably, he showed a datapad found on the colonel during his capture listing orders to the work camps around the planet. A document, “The Final Straw,” ordered the mass execution of the prisoners after a month or less of forced labour. Other reports of the Resistance, evoke exactions by Xean and his men against the civilians of several species, and bombardment of villages. They also showed the colonel established “Ostcommandos” for killing and tormenting the people of the planet.

Colonel Xean during his trial

The colonel, after first having claimed he didn’t recall, confirmed without remorse that Outpost 29 was one of the main camps charged with the killing of the people, after a short time of force labour in the “Ostcommandos.” The camp rounded up seven millions of the civilians from the planet. This confession agitated the Shistavanens in the audience, some having had to be restrained by the security. Xean’s disdaining of their species during his statement didn’t help. The colonel also said he never acted upon an order by a superior officer.

Judge Toshai Kylvik, GLA Mikori Lawson and Colonet Xean

After this declaration, the jury, composed of member of various species, left the room for a short deliberation. When they came back, they pronounced unanimously Xean guilty of the crime of attempted genocide against the Shistavanen people. The judge then sentenced him to death by lethal injection and he was brought to the GLA cruiser Retribution waiting for the execution.

— Daana Kira, Danrick Shadowstar

From Colonel Xean Datapad

Department of Labor and Concentration Executive Order
‘The Final Straw’

All shistavanens in current captivity on all DoLC camps are to be executed systematically and efficiently Op 29 has recieved De-Oxygen chambers for the fast killing of Shists and single camps can request De-Oxygen chambers by contacting the head of the DoLC Matt Xean. Otherwise Shists are to dig mass graves where camp gaurds are to execute ‘The Final Straw’ Shists that are brought into the camp are worked for 1 month or until too weak to work and once they are unable to work they are too be put with the next batch that is to be executed. This order is to be followed by all DoLC personel failure to follow this order will result in liquidation.

Matt Xean
Head of the DoLC

  1. January 11, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    This calls for some looking back. Do you remember that time when:


    ‘AM-83R nods respectfully “Of course.” she tilts her head “How do you respond to the terrorists’ allegations that the Armada is severely mistreating the local populace of the planet?”

    Tian waves a hand. “The claims are unsubstantiated and patently untrue. We pay the workers, as well as give them room, board, and food. We also provide free medical care for every single being in our mines.”’



    “As for the natives wanting their home back. They must remember what it was like before the armada and the hutts began to govern it. Excluding this small rebel faction, much good has been done for those who have been reasonable enough to except the people willing to improve their lives. Why medical care alone has saved many of them who may have died other wise. Jobs have been created and housing improved. It just seem those who yell the loudest end up on the holonet.”

    How true that is. I can’t think of anything truer than that.

    Clearly the medical care they’re referring to is the planned vaccination against the deadly poison gas known as O^2.

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