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Onderon Jedi Order rebuild their home

January 12, 2012

Galactic News Reporters went in Onderon where the Jedi returned and helped to rebuilt the damaged city.

The new Cantina

Damaged by a tremor, the city of Iziz in Onderon is progressively recovering with the diligent effort of the people, notably the Jedi. Not all of the refugees are back, and the Jedi are sending a call to invite all of the exiles to return home. The queen Valara herself is back on her planet but we have not yet been able to meet her. The new buildings benefit of a technology which should ensure them a better resistance to tremors and fire, although the Jedi suspect a “Dark Energy” being responsible of the devastation. One of the first building having used this new technics is a new cantina on the central square. Its design remains based on blueprints of an ancient cantina.

Jedi Master Zav Kirkorian, Zuric's presence being nearby

The Jedi which first envisaged to merge with the ones of Dantooine (DJE), preferred to help at Onderon rebuilt and develop another time its Jedi Order after they learned the ground was stable again. They are still in good term with Dantooine and declared ready to help them, as well as the Jedi of Taanab.

The Onderon Jedi Order is still led by Master Zav and Zuric Kirkorian. The late one however has to remain in a carbonite contained, still affected by a mysterious disease; runes had been placed on his body before his health deteriorate, suggestion an assassination attempt. Somehow, however, his spirit managed to leave his body and communicate with the people and his help was precious for the rebuild of the city.

— Daana Kira, Danrick Shadowstar