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Mos Espa Pod Races

January 13, 2012

Galactic News Covered the last pod races in Mos Espa

The Finale Start

Mos Espa, Tatooine: The organisation of the traditional pod races on Mos Espa changed. Maybe to meet the greater number of races, a series of qualifiers eliminated the slowest, the clumsiest or the most unlucky of them. They also limited the number of pod crashes; some people may find this regrettable, but it favoured the speed over random accidents and the citizens will have less damages to fix on their dwelling the next day.For the finale, remained four attendees, Sara, Baby Girl, Tishia Rinai and Rakiko Lowtide. The first two managed to finish up the 12 laps at an impressive speed, Sara being the fastest and won the race with the congratulations of the crowd and the other racers. After the event, the organisers announced the next session will host swoop races instead.

Speed races looks to regain of popularity in the Galaxy, Ord Mandell already organising their own and Nar Shaddaa announced they will held a competition very soon.

— Daana Kira