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Pantora Elects a New Senator

January 17, 2012

GNN Reporter, Rakiko Lowtide was able to return to his home world of Pantora accompanied by the young Ferroan Lanya Windlow. Senator Kandari had contacted GNN and Rakiko Lowtide went to meet with her.

Pantora: This moon orbits Orto Plutonia in the outer rims, and is home to the Pantoran people. The planet Ordo Plutonia itself hosted a Sith temple on which is believed to have been destroyed recently. Formerly proud member of the Old Republic, the government was used to close its borders to preserve the peace while the Galaxy lived through troubled times. Most recently it once again has an open door policy and has sought membership in the most recent incarnation of the New Republic, with Senator Kandari spearheading it inclusion.

Senator Kandari of Pantora.

Senator Kandari had always been in politics, her father having been chairman of the Assembly, the governing body of Pantora. Even young she was present at several political meetings and in her teens even gave speeches to the senate on different matters such as how to improve the lives of the local farmers. Now she’s been elected as Senator and been charged by the Assembly to join the New Republic. Declining to speak on the Assembly’s positions she did give an account of her opinions and goals as Senate. She believes that the Republic and its enemies such as the Sith Empire have been warring for too long, and she would join with any other Senators to put an end to this.

If unable though, she believes that it would be in the Republic and her people’s best interest to win any conflicts as quickly and decisively as possible. She did have some advise for the junior reporter Lanya Windlow and her interest in becoming a diplomat someday. She told the young girl that throwing oneself into politics as early as possible was the key and that she should start shadowing a politician. This would provide a much better and wider education than any book could give.

Hopefully, there won’t be too much conflict and Pantora will continue to prosper either as member of the Republic or as an independent sovereign entity.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Lanya Windlow

  1. January 17, 2012 at 4:07 PM

    Senator Kandari needs to define what she means by “warring” a little more clearly. For example, their will always be conflict between the Republic and the Sith Empire even if there isn’t a full-out declared war. The two can never be friends, trading partners, or anything like that because their founding principles are complete polar opposites. But she is correct in saying that if the Republic commits to a military course of action it needs to win quickly.

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