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Scavenging in Bastion

January 27, 2012

Scouring for news, GNN reporters Daana Kira and Danrick Shadowstar happened upon an encampment on the former Imperial fortress world and capital of the Imperial Remnant, Bastion.

An abandoned city on Bastion

Bastion: Once one of the most heavily fortified systems in the Galaxy, this planet has a long history and importance to various empires. Most recently it had even become the Capital of the Imperial Remnant. However as resources and power centers have changed over the years, this Outer Rim world has lost some of its prestige. In fact, some of the planet has been abandoned by those on Bastion who have concentrated elsewhere, leaving city size areas as a ghost town. Because a lot of equipment and other secrets were left and the rest of the system has taken down the infamous defense shields, spacersof all sorts have begun to arrive.

Captain Jake, one of the spacers deciding to settle Bastion

One such individual was freighter Captain Jake, who has brought his crew and set up a sort of camp and refueling station. Located far enough from most centers of civilization, near the midway of his normal space routes, as well as the abundance of leftover equipment, Captain Jake said this has become a perfect place for those wishing to stay out-of-the-way. In fact, the planets residence seem to have taken no interest in the area at all, as the Captain has seen no inhabitants.

Journalist Daana Kira looks over some of the equipment left behind

However, the system is well-known enough that news of this area is spreading fast and others are starting to take notice, not only for what may have been abandoned but to have territory in such a strategic world. For now the area is vast enough to accommodate the few spacers now making a home there, but it’s very likely that some will start try to obtain the valuable resources left behind undefended, and with armed spacers and others in the vicinity without any established laws, conflicts over control are bound to happen.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira

  1. N. Tulin
    January 29, 2012 at 8:32 AM

    Anarchy by neglect? -Interesting…

    ((RCS is now legal for play there defender’s choice.))

  2. January 30, 2012 at 1:48 AM

    ((The region owner said the place was open for conquest. Visit it and check with the owner for details.))

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