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Jengaz the Hutt Attacked on Tatooine

January 28, 2012

Journalist Daana Kira met up with Jengaz the Hutt, who gave her a story of him being attacked recently on a trip he made to the same spaceport to begin setting up his business.

With the approval of the Hutt Council, Jengaz the Hutt had begun setting up a spice and specialty commodity business on Tatooine. Upon arriving to Tatooine with a small security detail, namely three bodyguards, he came across a man dressed in black robes while his ship’s cargo was being unloaded. The unidentified male then proceeded to destroy the cargo with a red lightsaber and then turned on the Hutt and his men. Two of the security guards were killed while the third is receiving medical treatment. Jengaz himself was injured before making his escape. His eye was all but destroyed and the Hutt business owner is now using a cybernetic attachment to compensate.

Jengaz the Hutt speaking about the recent attack against him.

The reasoning for the attack and the perpetrators identity are unknown at this time. However, Jengaz is certain it was a Sith, because of the man’s aggressiveness, skill, and weapon choice. However inquiries with Sith acquaintances have turned up no leads. The Hutt has currently strengthened his security detail and will once again try to set up his business once again on Mos Espa once his cargo can be replaced. Jengaz also has plans to extend his business to arms dealing, with the more powerful items being sold or traded only to reliable sources such as other Hutts. He is also confident that his new security detail will fine the attacker.

Jengaz does not believe that this attack had anything to do with the bombings and threats occurring on Nar Shaddaa. Those he conjectured were done by another organization such as the NTF who primarily used droids for their work, though he did state that there’s no evidence yet to who exactly is behind those attacks.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira

  1. rekteka
    January 28, 2012 at 7:24 AM

    a hutt attack? *sighs* seems this is where some of us get… attacking innocent people…

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