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Reconstruction on Coming to an End on New Iziz, Onderon

February 1, 2012

GNN journalists traveled to Onderon to see the progress made on the reconstruction there as well as to obtain on the condition of Jedi Master Zuric Kirkorian.

Some of the new architecture put in place in Izis, Onderon during the reconstruction.

New Iziz, Onderon: After a catastrophic earthquake that leveled the main city on Onderon, reconstruction is finally coming to a close. The Onderon Jedi Order (OJO) along with several other galactic organization pitched in and were able to obtain enough resources and labour to repair old buildings, raise new ones, clean up, and add other amenities such a pod racing track. As people start to make their way back after being displaced around the Galaxy, they should be quite pleased to what has been done, which hopefully will soften some of the sting in losing their homes in the first place. OJO leaders, Jedi Masters Zurick and Zav Korkorian, talked about the reconstruction and recent events on Onderon.

Master Zavarah is glad to finally have her home back, she had returned earlier back to Onderon after most of the citizens were evacuated by the DJE. In fact, she spent some time amongst the DJE, but couldn’t bear to be removed from her home for long and she has been instrumental in the construction of New Iziz from almost the beginning. Also returning was Master Zurick who has spent quite of bit time, even before the earthquake, encased in carbonite. This was done to keep him stasis untill a cure could be found for an affliction that had come up on him. While encased in carbonite he his psyche was repaired, damage had been done to him previously by Sith, which resulted in an almost split personality. Howevere, now his personality is fully restored as well as his memories which many were blocked to him for years. However, he’s just now coming up to speed to what has been happening on Onderon.

Onderon swoop track.

Also coming along with the new face lift, is a reconstructing to the government of Onderon. Previously the system had gone through a serious of queens, the latest one being relieved of her duties after it was found that she had used fraud to claim the title. It’s also very likely that she was working with enemies of the Onderon and had been in instrumental in the destruction of the city to evacuated the Jedi order and others so she could have full control of the planet without opposition. But with her gone, elections have been being held to fill all positions of the government, but for the time being Senator Ciji is acting as head executive. The Jedi themselves are attempting to stay out of the government, but will assist if asked as they will their other allies such as DJE, always on the ready to help defend against threats.

New to the city also, as previously mentioned is a pod and swoop race track. Races should be held soon, and the races maybe become part of the circuit with Ord Mantell, Tatooine, Nar Shaddaa and others, though talks would have to occur before then. The track has been design to reduce accidents, but should allow for faster speeds. Overall though the hard work that the citizens and allies of Onderon have put have finally paid off, as the city has been rebuilt beyond its original scope.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira

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