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The Ukio System Applies to Join the Republic

February 9, 2012

Reporters from the Galactic News Network having been following the progress of the Ukio, a prominent agriworld near the Galactic core.

Ukio is described as a beautiful agriworld that has been a major producer of food for the Core worlds for centuries. Most of the fields and other agricultural industries there are worked upon by the native and peaceful Ukians. However, over the years most of the world’s lands have come under mortgage to the Banking clan. Now several investors including Shaka the Hutt are infusing money to buy the land back and return it to the people to form trade agreements. Also there has been a push for the world to gain more of a Galactic voice.

Magister Salene Lusch (left) and Master Flint Mokeev (right) in Zonama Sekot

Representatives from Zonama Sekot, Magister Salene Lusch and Master Potentium Flint Mokeev, were asked to make a survey of the world to see if its vast agricultural resources could be made even better. Zonama Sekot has been a leader in the production of exotic, fast growing, and highly nutritious foodstuffs, combining the technologies of its several native peoples. The Zonamans were optimistic that food production could be increased even further.

The Ukians are reluctant to live their home world. They asked the visiting Zonamans to act as temporary proxies in positions of representation for their planet. Their first order of business was to have their new representatives garner a place in the Republic. Most worlds gaining access to the Republic need a representative such as a Senator and have a democratic type of government itself. The Ukians, wishing to join in spreading peace throughout the Galaxy have a republic type system for their world where the most productive farmers are awarded. Magister Lusch and Master Mokeev will fill in as their Senatorial representative until election can be held.

Magister Lusch in fact has been busy gaining support for the world, trying to meet several Senators across the Galaxy about the world’s admission as well as helping with other matter such as submitting the world actual application. Magister Lusch and Master Mokeev were visiting with Chancellor Baccus Alstus on Bakura about the matter when he was shot. They later returned to speak with again after his recovery.

Now the system is only waiting for approval by the Senate and a vote should be taken soon, possibly after a last public plea by its current representatives. GNN wishes them the best.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira