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Hutt developing their Business

March 1, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News went at the regular public Hutt Meeting in Nar Shadaa.

The Hutt council meeting occurred one more time in the Black Hole Cantina in Nar Shaddaa. Led by Shaka the Hutt, surrounded by a few other Hutts, including Ar’chu for his first visit in such a meeting. The speeches were translated by Morrigan, Shaka’s Majordomo.

Tython Governor Zach Rodchester meeting the Hutt

The first speaker was Zach Rodchester, governor of Tython, which brought, as he promised, a contract agreement to Shaka. This will allow the Hutt to set-up a mining company under the Republic laws. He said he expected to change the Hutt reputation in the Republic. Shaka thanked the governor and recalled his long partnership with this planet and now expects good business with Tython and possibly the Republic.

Dhaval Cervantes

The next to approach was Dhaval Cervantes and two other Mandalorians, announcing they installed now in the planet Kerest. They resumed their weapon production which they can trade to the Hutt and proposed them to visit them to discuss on the business. They also warned the whole audience from doing business with the Trayus Academy, a Sith organisation in the planet Rhleg, whom they reproached their arrogance. Recenetly the Trayus were refused to extend their influence toward the Hutt Council. The Hutt welcomed the Mandalorians and showed interest to this arm trading. They added they were aware of the Trayus plans and did not want to ally with them despite their insistence.

Attending in the audience, Ava Haj’ra, related to the Trayus Academy, then invited the Mandalorians to a room apart to discuss further on this topic. Shortly after, Trayus officers headed to this meeting.

Jes'tula Tor'dok and unpacking his gift

Meanwhile the next speaker, Jes’tula Tor’dok, took the floor with a large closed crate. Opening it, it contained a smaller holed hat, which the pirate said, was made from a dead rancor. Assuming Shaka had an affection for hats, he offered it to him, along with the story. The Hutt accepted the gift, and thanked Jes’tula Tor’dok.

After all the guests had spoken, the Hutt made several announce. Shaka said he received reports on the late attack on his ship during Morrigan’s birthday party and invited those wanting to investigate, and receive a reward on success, to meet Morrigan.

He also announced the upcoming rebuild of areas in Nar Shaddaa damaged during recent bomb attacks. Sera Secura is back in the Undercity and travellers may have seen a new diner near the spaceport. The swoop races are also under repair. While they are at it, they plan to rebuild parts of the city and invited the people to voice their point of view.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Jes'tula Tor'dok
    March 1, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    Correction: The hat was not made from rancor, but rather it was taken off a Rancor that they dress up at a Circus!

  2. March 2, 2012 at 3:45 AM

    Dhaval and Cervantes 2 unusual first and second name for a mando’ad. I hope his aliit is not called ” Cervantes”!

  3. Alor'ad of Socarras
    March 2, 2012 at 3:56 AM

    bardan88jusik :
    Dhaval and Cervantes 2 unusual first and second name for a mando’ad. I hope his aliit is not called ” Cervantes”!

    His Aliit is Akaan’Tal, though I fail to see how Dhaval is an unusual name for a Mando’ad, not all Vode have names consisting of Mando’a

    • March 2, 2012 at 5:06 AM

      Akaan’Tal, i know what it means, but Dhaval is not unusual, is about “Cervantes”!

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