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Visit of Adascorp facility in Arkania

March 2, 2012

Vajra Adasca

On the planet Arkanian, Reporters of Galactic News Network meet staff members of Adascorp.

In the icy planet Arkania, we discussed with Vajra Adasca, co-CEO of Adascorp, and the biologist Dr Lud Alyen. Adasca BioMechanical Corporation, or shortened to Adascorp, is  specialised in bioengineering and medical research. It provide to its customers all sort of high quality medical supplies, including but not limited to medicine, technology, medical droids and also implants.

Dr Lud Alyen

Dr. Lud Alyen, on his side, is researching on flora and fauna, which led him to travel in several worlds in the Galaxy, like Naboo. The research on Arkania, despite being fascinating, is limited by the climate. Aside from medical supplies, he’s investigating on several other subjects like agriculture, to improve the plant growth.

At the closure of other facilities notably in Boz Pity, Arkania was selected to replace it as the planet is the homeworld of the founding family. It is also a quiet place where the research can be led undisturbed. Furthermore, Adascorp contracted with mandalorians of the clan Buurenaar to secure the headquarter and the staff when they require it during their travels.

Adascorp facility

The Galaxy will always be in need of medical supplies, so the company investment should be secure. They keep the greater discretion on their customers, but Vajra Adasca affirmed they trade with their clients independently of their affiliation. The company wants to welcome their customers with open arms offering the great products they keep developing.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide