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New Combats in Bakura

March 14, 2012

Several reporters of the Galactic News Network witnessed combat in the street of the Bakura capital.

Attackers gathered in the streets

Bakura was yet attacked  by the same organisation who raided in the last few days as well. This time, they claimed to release one of those captured by the Grand Army of the Republic earlier. The assailants were repealed by the force of the grand army after a long fight. At the beginning, they held the main street of Bakura, forcing the GAR to defend in the Academy under the protection of automated defences. Although the clone troopers progressively took the control of the high areas and were able to encircled the attackers which were under crossfire. Once the main street was almost cleaned, the Grand Army charged to get rid of the last attackers.

Combats in the street

Before leaving, one of them assured fighting was their way of life and stated that asking the release of a prisoner by legal means was out of question, the Galaxy would not understand them anyway. However a barking officer prevented more answer were collected, making up the vicious circle of incomprehension.

After the battle, the officers Wraith and Knuckles gave the opinion of the Grand Army of the Republic. They confirmed they actually held a prisoner which was treated humanely under the republic law.

Combats the streets

According to their information, Victor Draav was amongst the attackers and they conjectured this is a revival of the Empire of Anoth under a new name, although nobody was able to give that organisation a name. The Empire of Anoth led an aggressive campaign against many systems of the Galaxy not so long time ago before fading out.

Meanwhile the GAR consider them as armed and dangerous terrorists. They believe they attack this sector of the Galaxy to establish their leaders as dictators. They have not yet localised their headquarters and the forces of the GAR are currently spread to prevent for a counter attack today. They assume the cohesion of the attackers will not be strong enough for they remain a danger in the long run, none of their attacks were successful until now.

The attack also caused civilian casualties. Amongst them, the new reporter of Galactic News Network, Muaz’akka’nomik, shortned as Zakkan, was wounded in the leg, doing his duty to report the information to the Galaxy. Let’s hope he will recover soon.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide, Zakkan Dur’adin

  1. Armedes טהור דם
    March 14, 2012 at 11:12 AM

    I hope Zakkan gets beter as well, it is a shame when Civilians are harmed. GAR should have taken beter precautions during the battle ti insure civilians were safely out of the line of fire… But hey, what are you going to do when someone launches a suprise attack? From what I had seen of the fighting it was more mindless slaughter than tactical fighting. Perhaps all of these Raiders are simply insane psychopaths?

  2. FrodoDarkmatter
    March 16, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    As a GAR trooper i can agree that we should have better civilian precautions, but most of our civilians who live in Salis D’aar is not blind to the fact that a military controlled area is prone to violence every now and then. It is ashamed that the Reporter was injured, but by our medical examinations, not life threatening. And you are right, it was a mindless slaughter, from the attackers, who had a suprisingly overwhelming amount of personnel with them and outnumbering the clone of the GAR and for the GAR to over come its enemy, well we rpoved that tatics surpasses mad men with guns. As an officer of the GAR, I would like to say not any GAR casaulties were made, just a few wounds to bandage up.

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