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Tiffany Vandergraff Enters the Race for the Republic Chancellorship

March 14, 2012

Tiffany Vandergraff, senator of Velmor, released a news release from her office on that world. GNN was given permission to use the transmission.

The Senator of Velmor, Tiffany Vandergraff, has made a bid for the Republic Chancellorship. She broadcasted a news release which will be re-transmitted in its entirety below. She outlined several reasons for her deciding to run.

Senator Tiffany Vandergraff (archives)

First she stated that the Republic is stagnating, take far too long if ever to vote on anything. Several bill are still up in the air as well as the status of the applications wanting to join the Republic. Secondly, she feels that the Republic relies too much on the advise of only the Jedi. She agrees their wisdom has served the Republic, but wishes to diversify the type and number of other advisors. Lastly, she’s also concerned for the Republic’s security, citing that the last few meetings on Coruscant were all interrupted by bomb attacks. Furthermore, she retorts that the leaders of the Republic should not have to resort to hiding on different worlds to conduct meetings which has occurred for the last few. She believes security can be strengthened through acts like increasing the NRGF and other military arms.She believes that becoming Chancellor will help her and the Republic citizens the best, but will continue to fight the above issues as Senator of Velmor if her bid for Chancellorship does not make it.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

The entirety of her transmission is re-broadcast bellow.

Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari appears on screen, looking as refined as usual. She sits at a modern styled desk with a large window behind it. She is obviously on a ship or space station, since a portion of Velmor is viewable through the window. The planet glitters a bit with the lights from towns and cities, the brightest being a large metropolis that is obviously the capitol, Del Velmor. She smiles before she speaks.

“Good Evening, citizens of the galaxy. I’m sure many of you have already anticipated the reason for this transmission. I have decided to enter into the race for the Chancellor’s office of the New Republic. This news will, most likely, not come as a shock for most of you. For the others, it will, perhaps, only come as mild surprise. All the same, that is that. I have made my intention clear. Of course, it is not nearly enough to merely claim one’s intention and then not follow through with any sort of explanation.

In that conveyance, I wish to address some of the issues currently plaguing the Republic. The first and foremost issue is the Republic’s current stagnancy on many issues. The Republic seems to be paralyzed with inaction on many fronts. I introduced two bills to the senate a few weeks ago, meant to have been addressed at one of the meetings following. Neither bill has even come to the point of being discussed. Only one issue concerning the Republic has been resolved in the last few weeks. Since I have entered the Republic, only a few votes have been held. Several planets are awaiting their application to the Republic to be fully processed and voted upon. These instances of inaction are unacceptable. If these votes had been more serious and had involved the immediate well being of any citizen under the republic, it’s completely possible that the issues would have been ignored for weeks past when the decision should have been made.

Another major issue that the Republic has had is it’s reliance on the Force as read by Jedi advisors and respected masters throughout the Republic’s large network of Jedi Orders. I do not wish to discredit the validity of the Jedi or their wisdom, as it has assisted in decision making since the dawn of the original incarnation of the Republic. I do, however, wish to open other lanes of advising. The Jedi have served the Republic very well in several capacities, and I’m sure they will continue to. However, any organization founded on the discussion of issues, such as the Republic, can not possibly found all decisions on the advice of one faction. I may not be able to make many promises for a potential term as Chancellor, but I can promise that I increase the number and diversity of advisors available to the Senate, for all occasions. I must make it crystal clear here, however, that I do not oppose the Jedi in any way.

The last issue that presents the Republic is actually that of security. From what I have gathered, through both personal experience and talks with citizens, faith in the security of the Republic is very low. Many can not see a Republic able to rush to its own citizen’s aid when it can not even defend it’s own capitol during senate meetings. The last few meetings that we have held have been very last-minute affairs, conducted in various locations in order to minimize interruption by attackers. The leaders of the Republic should not have to resort to hiding in order to function. In one of the bills I attempted to bring to the attention of the Senate, I proposed an increase in funding for the already-established NRGF in the hopes that further recruiting could be done in order to strengthen the Republic’s own military.

These are the three largest issues that I hope to address, either as Chancellor or Senator of Velmor. The purpose of this transmission, despite my complaining, is to inform you, the citizens, of my position. I have always maintained, through my current term of Senator of Velmor, my previous term of Senator of Velmor for the PGA, and my term as Chancellor of the PGA that a politician’s role is to serve the people they represent and be their voice on the political front. No matter what position I take in the future, my dogma will never change. My role will always be to serve the citizens that I represent. I thank you for taking time out of your schedules to hear me out. I have no doubts that you will all choose who is best for the Republic and I will stand by whatever decision is made.”

She gives a small not and the feed returns to regular programming

  1. Ryan Adams
    March 14, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    The PGA was nearly hundreds of years ago, as a human my question is; how are you still alive?

    ((It wasn’t or just for your character and few others. No timeline war please. -DK))

  2. Zach Rodchester
    March 14, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    more funding for the NRGF ? hell im for anyone who wants to give me and my troopers a bigger allownce to buy more toys

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