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Excavation Unearths Another Tomb on Korriban

March 17, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide travelled to Korriban to speak with Lady Kia about the most recent discoveries there.

Lady Kia showing the reporters the underground water systems

Nightsister clan mother Lady Kia is leading an excavation of the tombs on Korriban as reporter previously. The activity has been somewhat controversial with others such as the Sith Empire in Byss who gave a warning to stay out of the catacombs or else something terrible will befall them. Lady Kia responded that they don’t know her exactly to make such claims and she more than anyone else has experience to excavate the catacombs. For instance the tombs they had been working on, the possible one of Darthka Graush, recently had a step back due to the Hssiss causing a cave in. Knowing that continued digging will be tricky she moved most personnel off the project to let the experts continue slowly with that site to ascertain any further dangers. Meanwhile, other night-sisters found a larger and yet easier to navigate tomb.

Obelisks guarding the possible resting place of King Adas

After taking us deep into the catacombs, we came to a series of what appeared to be large aquifers. Lady Kia theorised that these were used by the ancient Sith of the planet to provide much-needed water to the surface and that a vast network could be found in the future through the planet’s underground. However, our final destination was to be even deeper into the darkness. We finally made our way to what appeared to be a simple opening to a tomb, but upon descending we found ourself in a vast room heavily decorated room. A large monument holding a large bright crystal adorned the centre with tall obelisks on either side. Lady Kia explained that the Obelisks were placed there  to keep any roaming spirits from leaving the area. She stated damage to those could be catastrophic.

Lady and Kia and the reporters speak with the sentinel

After a long investigation that is till ongoing the Nightsisters have theorised that this large tomb maybe holding King Adas, a historical figure amongst the Sith, who repelled that legendary Ratakans from Korriban. He was said to have created several of the first famous Sith technologies and culture but lost his life in the defence of Korriban. Lady Kia also pointed out that tomb seemed to have been sealed by the predecessors of the Sorcerers of Tund, who she is an expert on allowing her easily to bypass it. However, even knowing how to bypass the seal caused damage to the entrance. During the explorations, the opening is guarded by a droid-like device or a spirit guardian depending on what one believes. This sentinel is only allowing the Nightsisters to pass and their guests. For all others they will be swiftly taken care of.

The Nightsisters will continue to excavate and research slowly to make sure as much as the tombs can be kept in pristine conditions. They have to ambitions other than to learn the knowledge kept secret by these underground marvels.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira