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Mandalore News

March 19, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News were able to discuss matters with Dhaval Darkrose in the planet Mandalore.

Dhaval Darkrose (left)

After a stay in the planet Kerest, the Akaan’tal moved its headquarters to the planet Mandalore, home world of the Mandalorians. They keep developing their heavy weapon industry to equip the Mandalorian navy, or for resell, notably to the Hutt’s mercenary in Nar Shaddaa in conflict against Metus Imperia. Dhaval Darkrose (also known as Dhaval Cervanted), clan member and advisor for Shaka the Hutt, claims the weapon business, at the difference of the mercenary’s business, is less affected by the absence of large scale war like we live now.

Because of this relative peace period, the Mandalore, ruler of the Mandalorian, stepped down. Dhaval Darkrose explained this position was only needed in time of war, where a decision maker is required. One will be appointed if the mandalorians had to go in war. Meanwhile, the worlds they hold rely on the good understanding between the clans, possibly meeting in council, for its organisation. The planet Mandalore is meant to more welcoming and attractive to foreigners than some others planet, like Kerest, are.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide