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Darth Mortis Visits the Nightsister on Korriban

March 25, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Korriban where they witnessed a formal visit by the Dark Lords of the Sith (DLotS).

Korriban: Darth Mortis arrived with a contingency of several followers of the Dark Lords of the Sith (DLotS), including Darth Scrone and Darth Periculosa to visit Nightsister Clan Mother Lady Kia. Mainly they came to view the work being done by Lady Kia in the excavation of tombs on the. Lady Kia obliged the visitors and took them to the first tomb being excavated and showed them the recent cave-in caused by a Hssiss in the Valley of Golg.

Dark Lords of the Sith meeting with the Nightsisters on Korriban

Darth Mortis by his own words was very interested by the excavations from an intellectual point of view stating that the history of the Sith was a high interest to the Sith Empire. Lady Kia, proud of her work, continued with the tour of the catacombs and explained the slow work being done to move into the collapsed tomb to make sure other traps or set backs were not set off. Darth Mortis for his part extended his and Validus’ help in the matter, offering to send supplies, workers, and security to help expedite the excavations. Lady Kia was a bit hesitant to accept more help but stated she would think about what they needed, but for now the DLotS were free to come and go as they pleased to the area.

Reassuring her that their interest was purely academic, Darth Mortis, explained that they had troops ready to help secure the system. Lady Kia expressed her interest but told that the Reverent Armada under the leadership of Abyssus was doing a fine job at protecting the planet. Darth Mortis agreed that the Revenant was very grateful and requested to Lady Kia that a meeting be set up between him and Abyssus. Darth Mortis extended his good faith once again and stated that great things could be accomplished here on Korriban before leaving with his visiting party.

Curiously Dark Lord Vyrassu along with Lady Mavros came to view the meeting as well irritated at the presence of the of the DLotS on Korriban. He expressed his feelings with Lady Kia who dismissed his concerns stating that they had been guests of hers and she could do as she wished. There was also mentioned of Leviathan Consortium (LC), who is working with Lady Kia at the moment though the exact nature of their business is unknown. Vyrassu and Mavros expressed that the LC would probably be unhappy with the Nightsisters being friendly with the DLotS, a concern that Lady Kia dismissed as well saying their business wouldn’t be hampered by who she conversed with.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. March 25, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    /me frowns a bit, putting down her holocom. “I guess it goes to show again you cannot believe everything you read… I did approach Lady Kia about the Galactic Swoop Cups, thinking Korrban might profit from such an event, but she declined. I would hardly count that as ‘working with Lady Kia.’ Everyone mentioned in this article is free to work with whomever they choose, as for the LC we are neutral to all factions, including the Nightsisters and DlotS, and will make our own decisions as to who we work with and who we war against”

  2. Sin-Magir
    March 25, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    *frowns* Lady Kia does not speak for all of Korriban.

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