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Large Celebration Held on Tython to Commemorate Changes in the NJO

March 26, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Tython to attend a ceremony being held by the New Jedi Order (NJO).

New NJO Grandmaster, Zac Mistwalker, begins the ceremony.

On the Republic world of Tython, the NJO held a ceremony that brought dignitaries, Jedi, and high-ranking Republic officials from across the Galaxy. What was to be a celebration of the promotion of the padawan to knighthood, also included the announcement of a new NJO grandmaster, the retirement of another, as well as a glimpse in the state of this Republic world. Security was very high and included members from the Republic Guard, NRGF, the GAR, the Jedi, and the Mandalorian clan Munit’kad. As politicians arrived, security had their handful with the actions of the Tython Liberation Front, written more in detail in another article. The ceremony was hosted by newest member Master Jedi Luv Moonsoo, former leader of the KOJ.

Once the actual ceremony began, Jedi Master Zac Mistwalker began the evening with his speech. First he announced that he was the new NJO Grandmaster after the retirement of Master Saritha Khandr who had held the position for quite some time. He then began to talk of the order’s history from the time Master Skywalker had began teaching his beliefs to the revitalization of the order by Masters Barak and Sebastian. The order was then later expanded by Masters Sebastian, Saritha, and Mistwalker to become one of the most respected orders in the Galaxy.

The Tython ceremony progresses with several speeches.

The Grandmaster then explained that he was proud of the order and that even though the future was uncertain he was confident the order would continue to teach the Jedi way, independent of Galactic affairs and politics. He reminded the members that their duties were to defend and that even though they were trained in combat one should hesitate to draw their saber if ever. He concluded by stating that he hopes to lead the Order well in their goal of protect the Republic’s ideals as well as those of the Jedi. He then handed the floor over to Bakuran politician Talia Kristan and Yavin IV senator Rain Titanium, who came on behalf of Chancellor Downz.

Miss. Kristan began her speech by congratulating Master Mistwalker and that with leaders like him and the newly elected Chancellor, the galaxy was truly blessed the future was bright. Senator Rain was also optimistic about the future and was glad to have the NJO and KOJ work together to bring peace and prosperity.

Master Moonsoo then introduced the Tython Governor, Zach Rodchester back in his functions. Governor Rodchester was glad to see the NJO and Tython itself prosper so much since his first arrival after leaving the NTF. He was glad to be working with the Republic and stated Tython had a bright path ahead of it.

Acker being knighted by the Grandmaster.

Next came the actually knighting of a padawan. Padawan Psychotol Acker was asked to become before the crowd where he knelt in front of the Grandmaster. Master Mistwalker then commenced the ceremony elevating Acker to the status of a knight, ending his words with the traditional cutting of the Padawan’s hair braid. The newly arisen knight, SIr Acker gave a short speech proclaiming that he hoped to serve the galaxy well.

Lastly, Sir Acker’s former master, Lady Alexa Aubin, gave a speech stating that she was proud of Acker to have made it through her grueling training. She stated two prior padawans had failed, but Acker made it through and became the person she knew he could be. She also stated she was proud to serve the other Jedi and was glad to work with the Grandmaster.

The evening ended with a reception for all the guests though security was still busy handling another matter with a crashed ship, the details of which are unknown. GNN congratulates the Jedi Knight Acker.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira