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Nightsisters’ Excavation Into the Tombs on Korriban Nearing an End

March 31, 2012

GNN corespondent working near the Korriban system was able to report on the latest visit by Darth Mortis of the Sith Empire to see the progress on the opening of the tombs. Lady Kia had welcomed the high-ranking Sith while also hosting the CMC’s guide to the excavations on Korriban.

Lady Kia giving her report on the excavation of the tombs. (courtesy of Lady Kia).

Korriban: Sending a new representative, Sin-Magir, to oversee the excavation, the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC) did not seem pleased by the extent of the excavation. As reported earlier the CMC was overseeing much of the excavation on the Korriban, allowing other groups limited access to certain tombs. They were working in conjunction with the Revenant Armada to secure the assets on this Sith Stronghold. The activities of Nightsister, Lady Kia, had drawn their attention especially when she invited the Sith Empire to tour the discoveries there. Not able to do much of what already transpired, they attended the latest meeting between Darth Mortis of the Sith Empire and Lady Kia.

Lady Kia, Darth Mortis, and Sin-Magir preparing to leave Korriban. (courtesy of the Sith Empire).

On this particular visit, Lady Kia was showing Mortis the finished excavation of the tomb of Graush witch disappointingly was found empty. From Lady Kira’s report, the tomb either was a decoy or had been abandoned in its construction. The lack of doors, items, the unfinished appearance of the tomb, and no sarcophagus led to this conclusion. The only thing recovered were pieces of the Hssiss were recovered, though Mortis seemed to be suspicious that the Nightsister was hiding some other artifacts. Lady Kia pointed out that the Revenant wouldn’t allow any artifacts to be taken without their knowledge, a perception, Sin-Magir agreed with also pointing out that Lady Kia would not have survived the encounter if she had tried to take artifacts such as armour from the tomb.

On a final note, Lady Kia stated that the Nightsisters were preparing to leave Korriban for now. Darth Mortis wished that they continue with the excavations but understood their wanting to return to their home world of Dathomir, only stating that he hoped they would work together again in the future. As for other discoveries, GNN will try to find out if the CMC will continue with these excavations, contract them out to others, of the finding of ancient Sith Lords will be abandoned for now.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Unnamed local correspondent