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Yavin IV Still Faces Threat from Sith

March 31, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide spoke with several individuals on Yavin IV about the continued threat of Sith attacks there especially the attempted and actual kidnapping of padawans.

One of the local Jedi concerned about the continued attempts to kidnap padawans

Yavin IV has been the sight of several attacks by outside forces, with several being biological in nature such as military created plagues and the attack of Rakgouls. However, the population there led mostly by the Jedi have been able to ward off all of these attacks. However, its seems clear that other than the destruction of the Jedi completely the enemies of Yavin IV also have a dual purpose to kidnap the younger members of the order and turn them against the adopted system. An ongoing problem is the attempted kidnapping of padawans. Both civilians and Jedi confirmed this phenomenon.

The Jedi believe this a tactic being used by several groups independently and not a centralized strategy with one Jedi even saying “with so many orders of troopers, Sith, and Jedi I can’t even keep track of every order that comes wrapping their fists on the door.” However, it does seem a couple of the Sith orders are working in conjunction but the attacks are so varied and with out patterns its hard to always know who is exactly behind the attempted abductions. The only clues the Jedi have is when they arrest one of the would-be kidnappers, who gives up that they are Sith looking to increase the ranks of their order.


Warren talking on the precautions the moon has taken against their padawans from being abducted.

Another Jedi by the name of Waren stated that several precautions and defensive measure had been put into place. Even though the attempts haven’t trailed off the actual kidnapping of a padawan has, with the occurrence being somewhat rare now. Padawans are given training in what to do whilst they are alone and the Yavin troopers have taken up more patrols, which has decreased the actual abductions. He also gave several reasons a padawan may be targeted for this traumatic event; as revenge for a past transgression, to add a possible soldier to their ranks, to train in the dark-arts, to torture the padawan, or to spite the padawan’s master. But he was optimistic about the future stating that even though in the past, kidnapping had reduced the recruitment into the Jedi order, now that precautions have been taken, it’s no longer an impediment to taking in new padawans.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira