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Callos developping

April 2, 2012

After having been informed of the opening of the first mines, reporters of the Galactic News went in Callos.

Scavenger Leader Hawking in the mines

The planet Callos recently freed from the Sith occupation, is working on its development. With the help of the Republic Export (Repex), the governor opened the first mine. Precious metals are going to be extracted and exported. Until now its was primarily Diatium and some kilograms of Silver plus Bronzium salvaged from wreckage. The condition of mining are still basic, even if some droids are assisting the miners. 2/3 of the benefits will go to the government. With his outcome, Hawkins, the Scavenger Leader, local name for the Governor, will prioritize the worker condition and some improvement in the city of Port Arroyo.

Other news, announced by a representative, is the admission of Callos in the New Republic, voted in a secret senate meeting. Callos requested to enter since the first day the Grand Army of the Republic landed and secured the inhabitable area.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide